Monday, 22 April 2013

MollyMia's New Corner

Hello World, I'm Molly the Lop, and Mia is my Person. I was found roaming the central area by HRSS, and they brought me back to my fosterer's home and got me spayed and potty trained. The veterinarian thinks I'm about 2 to 3 years old.
I've found my new owner, who has given me a cage-free living condition and allows me to roam her pretty bedroom 24/7. She feeds one bowl of fresh vegetables and 2 spoons of my favourite pellets twice daily, and gives me an unlimited amount of hay and fresh water. She also changes my soiled litter box daily and washes them clean every night she returns home from work. She thinks it's very cute that my coat blends right in with her marble tile floors.
Today marks my 3rd day with my new Person and I'm still wary of my new environment. I'm glad Mia has a spacious area right underneath her bed for me to chill out.
Words from Mia: See Molly camouflaging while staring at her pellets and veggies. <3
Till then,



  1. haha the rabbit is quite cute look like praying in the first photo.

  2. oic haha more like praying "u dont bully me"


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