Sunday, 3 November 2013

AgeLoc TR90 Tracker: 2nd Week's Update

First up, this will be a backdated entry, dated 30th October 2013. I've chosen not to post this entry first because I didn't want to 'intrude' in my series of Australia getaway posts. So yup, here's my updated as of 30th October!

For a foodie like me, especially one with a sweet tooth. TR 90 is tough, especially when the agent who sold you your set doesn't do any follow up with you. I got this set from my cousin, not sure if she's a distributing agent or what, though. My guess is a no because she mentioned she bought a few sets at one shot to be a member and is just selling away her extra sets. So I'm left without any agents to follow up with my progress and looking at reviews from all over the place, your agent plays a huge part in the success of TR 90 because while on the programme it's extremely important that you eat well. A lack of nutrient intake will actually hinder your weight loss progress. From the look of it, I'm not doing very well with the diet. 

But that aside, for this first fornightly update in my 3 months of TR 90 experience, there are 3 aspects in me that I've experienced some noticeable changes.

1. My pee turned bright, highlighter shade of yellow initially (due to Vit B) and has since gotten better with more intake of water.

2. Constipation problems... Huh, what constipation? *rofl* Ever since starting on TR90, I've been moving my bowels regularly, once to twice a day. On days when I "shelf off" such toilet visits, I will end up visiting the toilet 3 to 4 times the next day. And yes, unlike other detox products (B*cough*&*cough*H from *coughcough* LFI) which gave me acute tummyache and uncontrollable diarrhoea throughout my entire bottle (which last 1 mth!), TR 90 actually gives me controllable bowel movement!

3. Total weight loss of 1.5kg. 

I know my weight loss is shamelessly little because nobody is monitoring my progress and I eat everything. Be it curry chicken with 2 hand size full of white rice, or fried rice, nasi briyani, kfc, mcdonald's.... Anything but the "recommended diet". 
Swallowing 16 pills a day and having that yucky shakes for dinner every single day is also a huge challenge for me. It's been only 2 weeks out of the 3 months and I'm already nauseated by it. The water and pills basically has already filled up my tummy and I can hardly stomach more 'nutritious' food, and as brought up previously we need to eat well while on TR90 in order to lose more.  The shakes too, has reached a point of nauseating for me. The recommended amount of milk to be added is 300 ml and I'm always pouring away about 100ml of the mixture every night. But I guess that's because I now finish my veggies first before I have the shake, so basically I'm already half full when I drink them. 

But oh well, the financial damage has been done so what else can I do other than to hold on for the 3 mths? 

So stick around for my next fornightly update. And if you're also currently on TR90, do share with me your experience, I could really do with some help here. :)

Till then,


  1. I started the same plan on 14 Oct. Lost only 0.5 lb and no fat loss so far. Wasn't really strict on diet but I did try to avoid fried food.

    1. You have someone to measure your stats? I don't have any.... Can't monitor any fat loss whatsoever. No equipment to do it. :(

    2. Have you tried going to and using the tracker located there? If you don't have a customer ID you can set one up for free on the main Nuskin website. My husband and I are employees for Nuskin and planning on starting our TR90 tomorrow. Maybe I'll have to bookmark your blog and let you know how it goes. =)

    3. No Rise, I've not tried the tracker on how does it work?

  2. i wonder how much it cost you?


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