Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Mia's Review: Symmetry

First heard of Symmetry from J and then was 'intro-ed' to the exact location by PS some time ago when we visited The Tiramisu Hero. Had always wanted to try this place out and finally got the chance to bring YS there! :)

That's how the side of the building looks like.... Somehow I love the bright green doors & windows against the stark white building walls. 
A taste of the good life indeed! :)

Showing off the interior of the cafe (and random diners). IMO, the place is actually hovering between cozy and crowded.
And as we visited on a Sunday, there's only the all day brunch menu available. So do take note if you're interested in trying out their dinner or lunch menu, don't drop by on a Sunday!

Their brunch menu looks pretty cute too! :)

Coldstream Apple Cider - about $16 (Yes, you can get them at about $8 from Cold Storage)
Need I say more? I always get rip-off on alcohols at restaurants and cafes. T.T

Tiger Prawn Aglio Olio - $24

The pasta is pretty well done with the right tinge of spiciness from the tossed chilies mixed into the savoury chewy spaghetti. There's also a rather generous serving of big fat tiger prawns (about 4 or 5 of them), which were cooked till springy and juicy, albeit might be a little too salty for someone with a milder set of taste buds like myself. However tasty, I still find the price tagged a little high for a pasta. Let's just say I'm really no expert with tiger prawns. I would have enjoyed the pasta equally, at a much lower price tag, and scattered with shrimps instead.

Potato Fries with Truffle Oil Emulsion - $15

Oh well, it's really just truffle fries topped with shredded cheese and mayo dip, isn't it?
Being not a big fan of truffle (oil) yet a huge potato-addict, I still decided to give this a try. I'll say the truffle smells much stronger than it tastes, which is a good thing for me but not for truffle (oil) lovers out there. The fries were fried till golden brown and every single piece were crisp and tasty, being well coated with seasonings and truffle oil. Serving wise, I might not even be able to finish it alone even without my main course. However, I'll still consider this a little too pricey for (my own) comfort, and I'm sure the reason is obvious. I'm just not a fan of truffle oil and it really makes no sense for me to pay more just to endure the smell of it.

For more information, visit Symmetry's website HERE

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