Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Video Day: Molly Eats Carrot

I decided that it shall be video day today. See Molly munching on a chunk of carrot!
nom nom nom nom....

Disclaimer: I do not feed Molly carrots as part of her daily veggies due to high sugar content. I give her carrots more as weekly treats.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Molly does not like the camera

If you're wondering about the lack of good shots of Molly (apart from when she's busy eating) and is starting to doubt my phototaking skills, this is why.
Molly does not like the camera, as of now. Or perhaps she's still wary of me.

See Molly chilling at one of her favourite corners. Actually, she was even more chillax before she saw me approaching with my handphone.

As soon as my phone was at eye level, she quickly scrambled to her feet.

And stared at me with her wary pose.

This is the reason why all the cute pictures of Molly are only when she's eating. Ahh, the lure of food!

Words from Molly: Please turn off your flash!

Till then,


Thursday, 25 April 2013

Words from Mia: Molly's Haybox Woes Continues

As I was complaining about Molly's bad haybox habits just last night, thinking that the 3rd generation haybox will be a good one, I was wrong. I woke up the next morning to one huge mess. Molly has not only jumped into the tray to eat the hay and pooped and peed as she ate, but has also flipped the entire tray over. Pee soaked hay was basically thrown all over the litterbox and a good amount on the floor.
And that's how it ended. I decided that Molly has the mentality that as long as there is a box (or anything that's remotely similar) she must jump into it to eat the hay. So I might as well remove it. It's gonna get messy because she'll pick at the hay and mess it up a little, but at least she's not peeing and pooping all over the freshly placed hay, right? I'm really keeping my fingers crossed on this.
And that's our hay monster at work. Nom nom nom nom...
On a side note, Molly has started eating her watercress! She's still not eating all of them, but she has taken a considerable amount. Well done, Molly!
And a special treat for our dear readers, Molly's sexy bunny butt. Look at her cute tail!
Till then,

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Words from Mia: Molly's haybox woes

Did I tell you that Molly is a hay monster? She munches on hay almost 24/7, non-stop. One overspilling shoebox worth of hay can only last Molly throughout the night while I sleep, which is actually less than 6 hrs, on a weekday. Yes, poor sleep deprived me. And our mischevious hay monster has given me my first problem. Molly's haybox woes.

This is Molly's first generation haybox, which basically just lasted us one night. I was still wondering how on earth did Molly destroy her haybox the next morning when I found it in this sorry state. She picked at it, perhaps?
And so, I switched it to a plastic basket, thinking that Molly wouldn't be able to destroy it this time round. Yes of course, she couldn't. But my haybox woes still continues. Why? You'll see.
See, this is why! She jumps right into the haybox to munch as the hay depletes. That was how she destroyed the first generation (shoebox) haybox! Even after repeated nudging and "NO!", Molly still continued to munch on hay inside her haybox. And of course, every morning i find a good amount of poop and pee among the last few bits of hay, which could have been added back into the haybox after it's cleaned.
Waste of hay (and money)!
So I've pretty much have got no choice but to change her haybox again. This time round I've chosen a very shallow plastic tray. It still contributes to hay wastage as you can see that Molly will pull more hay out of the box and letting them mix with her own poop and pee, but it's not as bad as having her poop and pee all over the entire basket of hay. Well, I'm keeping my fingers crossed on this!

On a side note, I've unknowingly introduced two brand new vegetables to Molly for tonight's dinner. Watercress (which helps when bunny's urine turns cloudy) and Chinese Celery. Got worried when Molly started sulking and ignoring the veggies totally and immediately checked with HRSS to realised that she's not trained to eat either one. I gave up on the idea that she'll eat them eventually when she's too hungry (there's always unlimited hay for the hay monster) and picked out the Chinese Celery and replaced them with her usual Romaine Lettuce. And as I typed, she's currently picking out those Romaine Lettuce to eat while avoiding those Watercress.
What a picky bunny!
Till then,

Monday, 22 April 2013

MollyMia's New Corner

Hello World, I'm Molly the Lop, and Mia is my Person. I was found roaming the central area by HRSS, and they brought me back to my fosterer's home and got me spayed and potty trained. The veterinarian thinks I'm about 2 to 3 years old.
I've found my new owner, who has given me a cage-free living condition and allows me to roam her pretty bedroom 24/7. She feeds one bowl of fresh vegetables and 2 spoons of my favourite pellets twice daily, and gives me an unlimited amount of hay and fresh water. She also changes my soiled litter box daily and washes them clean every night she returns home from work. She thinks it's very cute that my coat blends right in with her marble tile floors.
Today marks my 3rd day with my new Person and I'm still wary of my new environment. I'm glad Mia has a spacious area right underneath her bed for me to chill out.
Words from Mia: See Molly camouflaging while staring at her pellets and veggies. <3
Till then,


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