Friday, 1 November 2019

#siryweds - Qingdao Pre-Wedding Photoshoot (Part 2)

On part 1 of my Qingdao PWS post, I've already talked about my 2-days PWS with REVIVAL新生.
So why a part 2, you may wonder. Because we've had TWO PWS packages in Qingdao, making it a 3-day photoshoot in total.
How this 2nd package came about was because of my dearest relative, who had helped with settling the liaising with REVIVAL新生, decided to gift us another PWS package with a bridal studio as well, and also for us to gauge which one is better: "commercialised" bridal studio, or "more candid and natural" freelance photographer.

And so, we ended up with another package with 米蘭春天婚纱摄影 (Milan Spring) for a 1-day shoot.

Bridal studios, being more commercialised in a "mass-production" sense, will definitely be able to give us an even more competitive pricing.
So for roughly just SGD $800, we had:

1 full day of studio + outdoor shoots
5 outfits & 5 makeup + hair for bride
4 outfits + hair for groom

50 edited copies in 2 large albums + 1 mini album
5 table frames
all softcopies (226 shots) return

In comparison to 杜娟婚纱 & LOAFFER with REVIVAL新生, the selection of gowns and suits at Milan Spring were clearly more dated. not in an orbiang way, but just visibly worn out and not well maintained, and one of the suit jacket that the staff picked out for the hubs even had a huge tear at the inner sleeve.
And the coordinator told me, "The gowns look old but don't worry. We can post edit the photos and they'll look brand new."
Erm.... okay?

It was with Milan Spring when I finally came to realise how huge and commercialised this bridal shoot thing is in China. Early in the morning, we were whisk away to their 基地 (base) located at one of their local shopping plaza and was totally stunned at how this base operates. Turns out, this "base" is actually a huge collection of lavishly done up backdrops (two storeys of them!)  for indoor studio bridal shoots that's "shared" among all the bridal studios in the market, paying an hourly rate to the base. This also means that you may have to wait for the other couples to be done with their shoots before you can take yours, if you happen to want that particular backdrop that's in use.
There's many different such bases located all over Qingdao and the bridal studios will usually change the bases frequently.
Also located at the base is a HUGE make up and changing room (there's even a few "VIP" rooms)  that has rows of vanity tables and chairs for all the couples to do their hair and make up and change in and out of their outfits.
And since the base is located in a shopping plaza, it seems to be the standard process to finish up the indoor shoots by lunch, head down to the food court for lunch (in your gowns too, it doesn't matter because there'll at least be 10 other brides littered across the sitting area), before returning to the base to change into your next outfit and heading out for outdoor shoots.

Anyway, here's some of my favourite shots for each of the 5 outfits I've worn.

Unlike my other red Kua from 杜娟婚纱 that is a combination of both 褂 and 秀禾服, the one I've chosen at Milan Spring is a typical 秀禾服 (double layered sleeve and side collar) and I also loved it because a yellow/gold one is so unique!

The cream-white gown was also used mainly for indoor shoot at the base, and we just went out of the plaza (literally just out the door) to snap a few shots of the church. 

The black gown was used for outdoor shoot at the street just outside the shopping plaza and this has to be my favourite outfit out of the 5, and I like how the overall look feels super chic & trendy just by adding on a simple white baseball cap. 

I didn't really like this bubble-sleeved white gown because of ... well, the bubble-sleeves. But the bridal studio coordinator highly recommend that I choose it, saying that it'll look great in the beach/sea shoot, and I guess I should be glad I took her advice. 

Another gown which I didn't feel an exceptional liking to, but highly recommended by the coordinator. And I have to say it also turned out pretty well!

Till then,
Mia Foo
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