Sunday, 12 May 2013

Bunny Problems

Previously I always thought Molly doesn't chew on wires. I was wrong! I didn't bother to check until today, because I never seen her really chewing on the wires. 

And here, one of the biggest hole she has made in the wire to my fan. Because of the location I'm unable to fence it and keep it out of her reach. About 4 holes has been chewed out on the single piece of wire. Thank goodness I've fenced out the wire heaven under my desk since day 1. Now, after covering the holes with yellow duct tape, I've gotten myself a bumblebee wire. ROFL. 
Gotta go search for some wire protectors that can prevent bunnies from chewing through. Any ideas or recommendations please drop me a comment! 

Over the few days I've been seeing furballs rolling about on the ground, or stray pieces of fur flying across the air. So I reckon it's time to catch Molly for another grooming session. But as I'm still unable to carry her (she doesn't allow me and will kick and struggle), HRSS's Jacelyn is really nice to drop by my house to groom Molly. I bet you can hardly spot her fur because it blends into my floor. 

And now there's Molly sulking under my desk after her grooming session. She really hates being carried. T.T
And she doesn't even care that her ear is stuck. Ahahahaha! 

And just a small announcement, Molly has finally set up her own instagram account! Do follow Molly @bunnymolly for new photos everyday! 

Till then,

1 comment:

  1. Molly is really cute~

    I have wire problems too with my bunny!! My bunny's name is Owen.
    I let him roam near the area where I charge my phone once, and the charger was chewed in half by him in a matter of seconds, way before I could react and stop the chewing ㅠ_ㅠ


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