Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Revamping MollyMia

Hi there, it's Mia here. As you all know, I've started this blog solely for Molly. However, as days merged into weeks I've come to realised that things are starting to get dry. Being a new bunnymama, I'm not experienced enough to share with readers the truth and facts of keeping a pet bunny. And having been abandoned before, Molly is not very sociable and I've yet to bond well with her to be able to churn out more personal and interesting posts for this blog.

And then as I stared at the title of my blog, MollyMia, I came to decide that as per the title, if there's a Molly section (everything related to bunny Molly), then it's only right I get myself a section too, right? So yup, I've decided that this blog shall cease being just a pet blog. It's going to get much more personal for me (Mia the Person).

Apart from being an animal lover, I'm pretty much a beauty and nail junkie as well. So expects some beauty product reviews, nail art designs, my new found eating places, and of course my daily aggro/emo rantings!

So stay with us and show your support for Molly's instagram (link in the sidebar) too!

Till then,


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