Monday, 2 November 2015

Summing up October

Well, if you didn't know, October has always been a special month for me because...

I'm a Libra baby! 
And many thanks to YS for making me this as my birthday gift this year.

And my birthday kickstart with 2 huge presents from the bf.

Yes, that's a friggin KitchenAid Food Processor in RED and Mayer's Bread Machine, which definitely didn't end up as white elephants.

My first few bread loaves turned out pretty dense and tough until I decided to ignore the steps of adding in instant yeast last as stated in the Mayer's recipe book. And tadaa, that's my coconut sweet bread! 
The food processor also has had its fair chance of working out as I've not only made myself strawberry sorbet and strawberry frozen yoghurt easily, but also helped my mum shred her vegetables and chopped her garlic. 

And of course, let the birthday feast begin! The bf started the ball rolling for my #fatdieme journey be bringing me for shark's fin soup and crab vermicelli.

Look at that huge piece of shark's fin there! Yeah, I know I should be FINished with Fins, but.... that was too yummy! So was the vermicelli! I was gorging myself on the QQ-ness and totally ignoring those fat crab pincers. 

And then the bestie took over and further oomph up my #fatdieme journey by bringing me for high-tea buffet at Rose Veranda, Shangri-La Hotel!

 Rainbow cake...

French macarons...

Creme Brulee...

Of course, it's not all just desserts. The savoury food were equally yummy as well, but just not as photo-worthy, yes?

The staff of Rose Veranda was also extremely sweet as they brought out a birthday cake for me and sang me a birthday song, and also took an instant photo of us and made it into a birthday card! 

And of course, J wouldn't really let me give up on myself and really let me die on this #fatdieme journey. She completed my gym attire (last year she got me an adidas dri-fit tank top) this year by giving me a pair of adidas gym pants! And they're so comfy! :) 

And of course, how can I not have anything for myself as a for of indulgence? My first ever paid-experience for gelish nail art manicure went to Nail Artelier, with the kind partial-birthday-sponsorship from Sa. It's Jack & Sally on my thumb, isn't that cute?

And of course, I managed to slot in USS Halloween Horror Nights 5 this year as an impromptu 'birthday treat' to myself. Well, yeah for the rides (especially The Mummy and Transformers!) but mehhhh to the haunted houses.

And to conclude my October's indulgence...
 It's Cirque Du Soleil! Oh well, it's 1st November... But they started their SG tour for Totem in October, so I guess I'm allowed to push it in too, yes?

Photography is not allowed during the show (duh!) so there's no other pictures to share. But I'm so glad I asked the bf to watch it with me! Really enjoyed a handful of their acts (actually all were awesome, but I did have my favourites), especially the acrobatic rollers couple (I still cannot understand how that much spinning was possible) and the final act of the Russian Bars.

-credits to

And lastly, to end off my random ramblings with a selfie....

There were many other prettier masks hanging on the shelves, but the bf made me use this. 

Till then,
Mia Foo


  1. Belated Happy Birthday! Glad to know a lot of people spoiled you during you birthday. The nail art is so cool, by the way!

  2. You have a very generous bf. Lucky you. Kitchen aides appliances are freakin expensive. And you got a bread maker machine. How cool is that???

  3. Ahhh belated happy birthday! I'm swooning over the rainbow cake but most importantly how AWESOMEEE is your Nightmare Before Christmas nail art! Looks like you had an amazing one this year!

  4. I'm a Libra too and you're so blessed with gifts from your friends. The shark fin's soup is really delicious; I tasted this before.

  5. This post toooottally got me craving for Creme Brulee! Your October was so fun! :D

  6. Belated happy birthday! I love how everyone indulged you for the #fatdieme. That sweet spread for high tea at Shangri-La looks soooooo good!

  7. Happy birthday ! hope you enjoyed Cirque Du Soleil ? they are amazing dont you think ? i went to see in canada a few years ago and they were awesome !

  8. Happy belated birthday!!! Well i know it is too belated greeting~ I want a bread machine also, watched ads about how convinient it is to make bread...

  9. Hi Libra-ian, I love your nails! I was invited to the Cirque Du Soleil too, but didn't go as I'm too busy!

  10. Happy birthday! I wanna have my Cirque Du Soleil experience too! Aaaah! I am imagining how breathtaking that was. :) And the food! wow! Makes me hungry right now.

  11. KitchenAid Food Processor in RED and Mayer's Bread Machine looks really cool and functional. I'm sure you're gonna be a better baker.Belated Happy Birthday.

  12. Happy birthday Mia. I love what you did to your nails and that creme bulee seems really yummy.

  13. Happy Birthday! :) That was a fun and tiring and tummy-bloating way to celebrate a birthday. :)

  14. Happy birthday! I like your birthday gifts to yourself, especially the USS tickets. However, Cirque de Soleil makes me sleepy, hehe.

  15. Wow! I hope I can have a bread maker at home so that every morning I have fresh bread or toast with coffee.

  16. Happy birthday.. its good that you were able to celebrate it this way. I hope there'll be more exciting and happy events to come for you in the coming years. :)


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