Monday, 19 September 2016

Media Invite: Quan Fa Organic Farm

Being an eastie all my life (apart from my years in NTU), you can't blame me for not having ventured to the most ulu-north part of the island until now. And well, I had a really good reason for the long journey north.

It's a day of farm tour with Quan Fa Organic Farm! 

Just in case you get lost on your way there, they're located right opposite the first chicken coop of Chew's egg farm.
Do not let yourself be distracted by the chickens and overshoot, you'll end up in military restricted zone. Yeah, that was what happened to us. 

If you're wondering, Quan Fa has their vegetables organically grown and uses no pesticides or chemical fertilizers. And first, let's visit their sprouting area!

These are actually sunflower sprouts! Just pot them and give it a few more weeks (or months?) and you'll get some pretty sunflowers! 

But of course, why do that when you can eat these sprouts right away? Nutty and with a slight sweetness, these yummy little green things are good just directly off the rack (since they're organic, which means no pesticides)!

Next up, we were introduced to the radish sprouts, which wasn't really my cup of tea because they taste just like wasabi. 

It didn't help that they look so cute (like a 4 leaf clover) though. But for those weirdos who actually like the taste of wasabi, I reckon this will be right up your alley. Just throw a handful of these sprouts into your salad for a wholesome wasabi taste! 

And of course, you can't leave out the wheat grass, which is perfect for juicing.

And then, following the owner of the farm, JJ, we heading out to the 'plantation' area, which was like Jelly's heaven. 

Looking at this patch of lettuce goodness, I was reminded of the fairy tale Rapunzel. Don't ask me why, but perhaps these greens look so yummy that it fits why the wife will get the husband risk his life to steal the Rapunzel plant from the witch's garden for her. 
Hah, random moment here. My apologies. 

And guess what?

It's actually radish! Due to our climate, our locally grown radish are usually much smaller than those imported ones. But good thing is, Quan Fa sells their radish whole, together with the radish tops, hence you can enjoy both the root and the leafy parts together. Apparently, the radish top makes good soup!

And if you're a big fan of spring onions, you'll be glad to know that the spring onions grown at Quan Fa has a pretty strong, distinctive spring onion taste/fragrance. 
Well, once again, not my cup of tea. 

There's kale as well, easily recognised by the powdery white film on the surface, which is the plant's natural protective mechanism. 

And if you're wondering what's those random yellow flags doing among the greens, they're actually an adhesive tape used as insect traps. Upon closer look you can see many tiny insects stuck on them, so yup... no close up shots for you.

Other than just green vegetables, you can also expect to find other organically grown food during the farm tour such as the following:

Chili padi




And mint!

And we ended off our farm tour with a curry plant that's as tall as a tree. Sorry for being ignorant, but I always thought curry plants grow like shrubs. 

To end off the farm tour, we were treated to some yummy cold brown rice ban mian and some super refreshing lemongrass drink sweetened with organic brown sugar. 

I love how they added in sunflower sprouts into the cold noodles. YUMS!

For more information on Quan Fa Organic Farm or to get some fresh organic vegetables online, visit their website HERE
To get 10% off your first purchase, enter QuanfaOrganicFarm at checkout. 
Do note that the discount code is not valid for promotional items and dried goods.

Till then,
Mia Foo


  1. wow! I would love to see this farm! I am always amazed to see very wonderfully cultivated farms like this, it's awesome! When we were young, we'd go to farm everyday too. My father grows a ricefield, even now. During harvest time, we're the happiest, we'd play on the hays and have a great time! lol!

  2. I love seeing these green spaces. A day of visit in a place like Quan Fa Organic Farm would not be enough for me and sure, I will mark a come back. haha. The discipline of people maintaining the whole area is really amazing. From the seeds to carefully guide each plant to grow naturally.

  3. Oh my! This I think is really fun to do! I'm not a greeny-food person but with all the rave about ORGANIC food, It tickles my curiousness to see what's behind all these healthy stuff. This is really a different experience, roaming around a farm that you can try to eat a leaf right there and then because no pesticides were used on the plants. I just find the wheat grass and lettuce plants so cute! hehe Well, I'll be honest, all those greens perfectly planted greens are just so good to the eyes.

  4. Wow! That is just amazing! I wanna see that farm too! In our backyard me and my husband started a small farmville. I call it farmville coz we grew mostly vegetables. We have tomatoes, eggplant, swamp cabbage, bitter gourd and chilis.. They are organic and there's a different joy whenever i do the harvest. Then il cook it in the kitchen. The soil to table kind of thing is really something we value these days.. Go organic!

  5. Sometimes, when I see people with their successful and abundant farm, I feel like I want to try that out too. I sometimes envy them and wish that I also have a green thumb. Unfortunately, just recently, we bought a bonsai plant because we just really want to have one for the house. The next morning, they were already dried up because of the heat of the sun. True Story! :(

  6. I haven't been to any legit farm before. The photos look so fun! But I dream of having my mini vegetable farm when I have my own house in the near future. It's nice to personally strive hard for what you'll be eating. :)

    Rej /

  7. You had such an interesting trip! It's a really beautiful farm. It seems like you learned a lot and it's super cool that you shared it with us. I should go to a farm too, it seems fun!

  8. Pretty interesting visit to this farm. It is always nice to read about the what and how of Organic farming. I could relate to this post as I have been into organic farming as a volunteer in Indonesia last month.

  9. The pasta looks delish! I'm wondering how sunflower sprouts taste like. ;) I once had the time to visit an organic farm when we visited Bohol Bee farm. I'm now wanting to go back and visit an organic farm after reading this. Your lettuce pic looks delish, the my eyes went heart emoji by seeing that. Haha!

  10. I'm thinking one will rarely get sick being in a farm like that where everything is organic. I dream of just pulling out produce from my own backyard as well. I have a long way to go though as I don't seem to have a green thumb.

  11. Oh i think we have one here in Cavite too! I'm not sure if its in Amadeo or in Tagaytay.. I have always wanted to visit such place... I love veggies especially for salad! If only we are near in farms, I wouldn't mind going into a strict organic diet ...

  12. Reminds me of a farm I visited in the Philippines, back when my friends and I were thinking of buying a farmland and develop it into an organic farm. I think after visiting, you have a better appreciation and understands why organic is more expensive than traditional farming. One thing though and personally, this is not a concern for me, organic farms use hybrids.

  13. I haven't been to an organic farm so this sounds interesting. Is there an entrance fee when you go there? I am interested to take the trip because I want to know more about organic farming. Something that got me curious of late.


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