Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Guest Post: The Complete Beauty Routine of Doe Deere

The rituals that you perform on your body every morning before leaving your house can either break or make your day. Beauty gives you the freedom to interact with people and perform your daily duties with confidence. Therefore, before your daily routine starts, you have to choose the right products to keep your skin attractive and protected throughout the day. 

Deere’s daily beauty routine allows her to begin her days in the right spirit. She is the Founder of one of the leading cosmetic brands in the world known as Lime Crime. According to Deere, her daily beauty routine plays a vital role in the success of her career in cosmetics. After getting eight to nine hours of comfortable sleep, the beauty queen and fashion diva wake up exactly at 8:30 a.m. every day. She does not need an alarm because she believes that she has an excellent biological clock that keeps her awake at the right time. Getting eight to nine hours of sleep every day allows her body to relax and her skin to stay clear before applying makeup.

Deere lives in Los Angeles in the United States, a city that has dry air most of the time. Therefore, after waking up at 8:30 a.m. she consumes a full glass of water that helps her body to stay hydrated throughout the day. After taking a glass of water, she stretches her body to stay fit and relaxed. The camel exercise suits her body. 

It is not possible to have a complete beauty routine without an excellent diet. Therefore, after stretching and performing daily exercises, Deere moves on to make a perfect breakfast. Her breakfast must include her favorite hot cereal, grits. Grits are nutritious to consume because they are extracted from corn. In addition to this, the beauty queen must consume a variety of fresh fruit juices that play a significant role in keeping the skin hydrated and beautiful. She gets some of the fruits from her well-maintained garden and juices them for her daily consumption.

After a workout and consuming a healthy breakfast, Deere gets on her mobile phone to check the trending activities. Through the internal chat system of the company, Deere communicates easily with her Lime Crime Team, which enables her to know the key activities in her business before leaving her house to the office. She likes opening her Instagram application to stay updated on the trending things in the cosmetics world. Deere responds to official emails frequently to ensure that her business runs smoothly.

Deere listens to music that motivates her when doing her daily makeup. Currently, The Beatles are her favorite records that she must listen to every morning. To ensure that her hair is dry in the morning, the fashion diva showers at night before going to bed. This enables her to come up with her desired hairstyle each morning when doing her makeup. After washing her face, she uses a perfect moisturizer, Hydro-Dynamic Quenching Essence of Murad, to keep her skin hydrated. Next, Deere chooses the right foundation for her face.

Currently, her company, Lime Crime, does not manufacture foundations. However, she has plans to introduce the products soon for her clients. She chooses the right products to fill her eyebrows while checking herself keenly in the mirror to ensure that everything goes well. The favorite part of her makeup process is applying lipstick and blush. She chooses the right colors for her face and ensures it matches with her hair and other accessories. She takes approximately 15 minutes to an hour every day to complete her make up.

After getting her signature looks and wearing her best clothes, she leaves the house and arrives in her office at 12:00 noon. At the office, she interacts with the Lime Crime Team, clients, and enjoys a wonderful lunch. She attends crucial meetings and usually arrives back to her house at 6:00 p.m.

by Kelly Hammond


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