Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Molly Loves Washing Face

 Hello, I'm Molly! And these are the multi-shots Mia has taken while I was washing my face.
I have the good habit of grooming my face and ears after my dinner (veggie meals at night), and Mia likes it a lot when I'm grooming my ears. She likes how one of my ear will flip up when I tilt my head over to reach my other ear. But of course, because I'm very camera-wary, I managed to escape from the clutches of her camera so she couldn't snap any of my pictures while I'm ear-grooming.
Just earlier, Mia got angry at me for trying to dig in the rubbish bin. Well, I didn't mean to be dirty or playful, really. But I just couldn't get enough of the small slice of apple that Mia's mama has given me as a treat. It was so sweet and crunchy, simply yummy! So when I saw Mia's mama throwing the small bit of apple skin into the bin, I tried to dig for it. And when Mia saw me reaching my paw into the bin, she got angry and scolded me.
All I wanted was to just have another bite of the yummy apple treat. T.T
Till then,

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