Sunday, 2 June 2013

Mia's Reivew: Canele French Macaroons

 Met up Dresden & SL over the weekend for a trip to Gardens By The Bay (nah, not blogging about it today) and subsequently treated them to some yummy french macaroons & tea at Canele. 
 Look at what's written in the teacup. Stressed = Desserts. Very true indeed! I have to say that we can find much cuter teapots and teacups elsewhere, but I still like the bright yellow small teapot that contains my chamomile flowers tea. It's caffeine free too, just nice for a cuppa at night for a good night's sleep. 
I'll recommend not adding any sugar to your tea (unless you love everything extra sweet) when you're taking it with their French Macaroons. 
And the french macaroons (also known as macaron)! Look at them! Such cuties! And those pretty macaron feet! The flavours are Chocolate Noir, Fleur De Sel (salted caramel, my favourite!), Cookies & Cream, and Rose. 

I've tried macarons from Bakerzin (my first try, and I hated it!), Obolo, Pique Nique, and Canele. I have to say, Canele wins hands down, followed by Obolo, then Pique Nique, then Bakerzin (yuck!). 

Being a chocolate craze and yet choosing their Fleur De Sel as my favourite flavour really speaks a lot (or maybe because to a certain extent, chocolate is just too common). The macaron shells (meringue cookies) are crunchy on the surface, yet somewhat chewy on the inside and as you chew on it, the cream filling adds on not only a flavourful salty sweetness of the salted caramel but slight moistness to the chewy texture..... Simply brilliant!
Even Dresden, who was put off by yet another yucky macaron from a high class dining place, loved them from the first bite of her Cookies & Cream and even craved for more after finishing her Rose. 

And because I brought up Pique Nique, here is an old photo I've taken of their macarons when i was there with Ade & Boon. Flavours are: Chocolate, Coffee, PB & J, Red Velvet. Loved the red velvet because it's so pretty! Look at those cute tiny sugar stars they've added on top of the macaron shell! But taste wise, the macaron at Pique Nique is less crunchy, but somewhat hard (on the surface) and also less chewy (on the inside). Unlike Canele's, which can be easily poked through with a fork and eaten bite by bite, it might be more challenging to do likewise for Pique Nique's (and also Obolo's). The latter's will tend to break apart and crumble so it's much easier to eat by hand. It actually reminded me a little of whoppie pie as the macaron shells has a slight "cakey" texture to it. Their cream fillings are also less flavourful as compared to Canele.

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