Monday, 17 June 2013

Updates from Mia: We went WTF!

No, I didn't swear okay. WTF stands for We're The Furballs, a small cafe with dog-petting area located at 45 East Coast Rd (along the shophouses opposite Katong I12, and somewhere in between Botak Jones & Katong 328 Laksa). If you haven't heard of them, they've been around for quite some time! I first went there mid last year, and it was quite a while after I first heard about them from my friends. They started off with 6 puppies, and at one point had two new puppies, and just yesterday when i revisted them, there's only 7 of the pups around.
 First up, let's introduce my favourite pup of the lot. Slinky, the Miniature Dachshund. She's so chic when in chillax mode!

Yuki-Chan, the brown (and older) Pomenarian and a true princess!

Lulu, the forever-alone Poodle (I can't decide if it's Toy or Miniature, though). Lulu is also the disciplinarian of the lot. Always ready to break up any puppy-fights!

Bui Bui, the French Bulldog. Bui Bui seems like the troublemaker of the group, always the first to be up to mischief. Dresden jaw-dropped when I told her Bui Bui is a girl. *eek*

Duchess, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Mochi, the Maltese. A rare shot of her, to be exact. Mochi also seems to be another forever-alone puppy, always hiding underneath the chair at one corner. Rolled up into a messy ball of white fluff!

Lola, the white/cream (and younger) Pomenarian. She's Dresden's favourite pup of the lot. Totally melted her heart when she trots over and climbs onto her lap for a nap. *aww*

Lastly, it's Sasha the other Poodle! Sasha, along with Lola, are the newer pups of WTF. However, she wasn't around yesterday when I was there... T.T A rather hyperactive and mischievous puppy, always very eager to play (and annoying the disciplinarian Lulu....)

WTF cafe consist of the pet-friendly 1st storey whereby you can have the usual bubble-tea and finger food snacks, and the dog-petting 2nd storey with all the above mentioned cuties! However, do note that the 2nd storey is not pet-friendly. To get to the 2nd floor, you just have to order a drink and top up an additional fees (amounted to $8.40 when i was there on a weekend) and you basically can spend the entire day there with the puppies!

And now for more photo-spamming!

There's Lola chilling on my lap and doing a half-wink in Dresden's arms. How adorable! 

Lulu playing with a ball (by herself, yes) and getting photobombed by Yuki-chan. Just seconds before that, Buibui was play-fighting with Duchess or Slinky (can't remember clearly) and Lulu was annoyed with the commotion and chased after them, barking with the ball held in her mouth! Just imagine the cuteness!

This is what to expect when you come to the top of the stairs. They'll all be there to welcome you! (Old picture, hence Lola and Sasha are not in the picture while Bui Bui, I guess was busy napping at one corner...) Yuki-Chan and Mochi are just a blur of fluff here!

 And it's feeding time! Bui Bui and Slinky begging for food outside the gate while Lola & Yuki-chan were getting fed first. Bui Bui was whining so pitifully! (Took a video of it, shall use that as a Video Day post later on!) And subsequently, Bui Bui got fed first and Slinky could only look on....
Contrary to believe, Bui Bui actually is one of the lesser eater among the lot, no joke.

Another old picture, Bui Bui staring at the drink in another lady's hand as if in a trance. Slinky just cannot be bothered. Lola wonders what's so enticing about the drink that got Bui Bui tranced, and Mochi just being Mochi. In her own world. 

 And the two buddies sleeping butt to butt! It's M Style~ (You won't get it if you're not a Shinhwa/Min Woo fan.)

Till then,


  1. The dogs are so cute!! *inlove* especially Slinky and Mochi!!

    Seem like a good place to visit but seem so far from me ...

    1. mochi is quite a loner, not very friendly. lola and yuki-chan are more affectionate. slinky seems to prefer boys, though. T.T

  2. Oh >.< didnt know that!! I am attract more to Maltese breed due to my previous dog being a Maltese breed. Maybe mochi is still not used to many people around. I bet slinky must be a gal dog.

    1. lol oh how come?? so bias against guy :( Maybe that why Slinky prefer boys since there is no male dog >.<

    2. dunno? female dogs more obedient?

  3. Went there today ! Had a really fun and relax time with the dogs. Bui Bui prefer boys as well.

    1. ahaha, really? most of the time bui bui was running all over the place. hard to notice that!

  4. lol ... sound like all males are so naught >.< there are still good one haha!! Some female dogs are also playful!!

  5. Think I passed by this store before!

    By the way, I havent had time to check out the paid forum. Hope I have time to do so soon!

  6. buibui is not a small eater.. -.- she just had TOO MUCH treats that she couldn't eat much of her main meal. haha!


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