Sunday, 9 June 2013

Updates from Mia: Daruma Ramen House (1-for-1) & Smoothie King!

Met up with Sa, JX and YH over the weekend for some random shopping & ramen dinner! If you haven't know it, I'm a huge ramen fan. :)
Yes, it's 1-for-1 ramen at Daruma Ramen House, located at level 2 of TripleOne Somerset. The shop is located at a corner (though not secluded) and has the outlook of a (typically traditional) Japanese Ramen House. The 1-for-1 promotion ends 30th June and is only valid for diners in pairs. :)

And their ramen aren't expensive either! Although there isn't a wide variety of flavours, there's still 3 different type of soup bases (with additional choice of original or light) with 2 to 3 different combination of ingredients for each soup base. Even though I always prefer spicy ramen, I also do have a 'fear' for them sometimes because some ramen house simply pour on a thick coat of rayu (chili oil) to make it "spicy". Urgh, not my type at all. Hence to be on the safe side, I chose R8 instead. Japanese braised pork belly, barbeque pork and mentaiko.
The 1-for-1 promotion is only valid for the same order of ramen only. Meaning if you order R8, the FOC ramen must also be R8.

And that's my dinner for the night. Tonkotsu Ramen with pork belly, bbq pork, and mentaiko. Look at the generous glop of orange smack on top of the braised pork belly! The goodness of the ramen is finally topped up with half a soft boiled egg, generous servings of chopped green onions, marinated fungus (i thought it was kelp at first sight) and dried chilli threads (which i think is saffron). To add on to my ramen, I've ordered extra toppings of bamboo shoots, which I thought would have been served cold and dumped into the ramen (like many other ramen houses). But nope, the bamboo shoots her are served hot and marinated on a side dish plate, that is tender and slightly chewy at the same time and gives off a fragrant sesame oil taste as you slowly chew it down. MUST TRY! 

The ramen is really not bad! The soup is light (because I chose for light), and not salty at all. It'll be a good choice for those who shun away from ramen because they're "too salty". The mentaiko (perhaps because immersed slightly in the soup) is kinda runny as compared to the more solid texture we usually see in 'mentaiko on rice'. It's is neither acutely salty nor spicy, but just has a slight tinge of both as it melts away on your tongue. Recommended to first push the mentaiko to one side of the bowl (probably secured with a slice of the pork belly) as you slowly eat it, bit by bit, with the noodles. Next up, the pork! I'm never a fan of pork, much less to speak of these charsiu served in Japanese ramen as many of them served in Singapore's Japanese ramen chains tend to be more tough than tender. But the braised pork belly served here are just amazingly tender! It take just one soft bite to get a clean cut on the meat, which is a good mix of fats and lean meat. After which, the fats simply melts away in your mouth as you chew on the remnants of the lean meat, which is equally tender. The bbq pork, made from rolling up pieces of thigh meat and cooking them in hot water before bbq-ing the surface and then cutting into slices, has significantly less amount of fats, yet still tender and flavourful. 
And as for the noodles and the soft boiled egg, I gotta say they aren't as promising as the rest. The noodles are somewhat harder and less springy, not quite to my liking for I prefer softer and springier noodles. The soft boiled egg was also a disappointment as it didn't seem to be well braised/flavoured and the egg yolk was a mix of runny-ness and well cooked bits with a small spot of the egg white being very runny (urgh!). 
But overall, it's still worth a try, regardless of whether there's 1-for-1 or not. 18 dollars (9 dollars, in case of 1-for-1) for a bowl of ramen with 3 + 1 pieces of tender pork and mentaiko, why not? 

And this was Sa's ramen. The spicy soup base of my ramen. Tried the soup and it was actually not much different from mine apart from a slight hint of spiciness. The redness of the soup is actually nothing to be afraid of. Both of us would have preferred it to be much more spicier, though.

On a side note, look at the cuteness of the tiny pot they used to keep the condiment! It's garlic inside, btw. :)

And after our dinner, we did a little shopping at F21 at 313 and came across Smoothie King!

They have a really extended list of smoothie menu (indicated with their calorie count) generally categorized into Refreshing (added ingredients that are good for overall health) and Slim & Lite (added ingredients that aids in weight loss). You can also ask to add extra enhancer at additional cost to your yummy smoothie. 
Apart from smoothie, food such as wraps are also served at the restaurant. 

Upon completing our order at the counter, we will be given a beeper/flasher as shown, which will start flashing once our order is ready at the collection counter. 

 And here's our orders for the night. YH's Very Berry (small), my Angel Food (regular) and Sa's Yoghurt D-Lite - Blueberry (large).
 Both the yoghurt d-lite blueberry and very berry actually tastes similar. Very "berry-ful" (think tangy) and generally appealing to all ladies. 
However, my Angel Food (supposedly a blend of bananas, strawberries and soy protein) was a disappointment. There isn't any taste of strawberry at all. It tasted pretty much like a banana smoothie, which gets kinda sickening after a while (should have gotten small instead of regular), for I'm not really a banana smoothie fan. I prefer bananas to be eaten as a fruit, nothing else. The strawberry, if it has done anything, was to give the smoothie a pretty, red colour.
The smoothie is pretty light, though still thick and creamy, if you get what I mean. Some smoothie are way too rich and sweet, it's impossible to finish the whole cup of it by yourself because you'll just end up getting so sick of the richness after a while. But for Smoothie King, there's no such issue. Even though I practically ended up with my much hated banana smoothie, I still did manage to finish it without much problems, while lusting for Sa's/YH's instead. 

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  1. whoo i like smoothie king! try Strawberry X-treme if you like strawberries.

  2. Do we have to present the flyer to enjoy the promo or just go in in pairs ?


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