Sunday, 19 January 2014

Mia's Review: We're The Furballs (Newly Renovated)

If you're a dog lover staying in the East, you gotta know what's WTF (my first post with all necessary details). And some time last year, they decided to go on a hiatus and renovate the place, which ended up taking quite a while and it got me pretty worried, thinking that they might have closed down. 
But fret not, WTF has re-opened some time late last year. 

 They have decided to 'down-size' the shop by shifting entire to the 2nd level and also cutting short the opening hours to 2:30pm till 9:30pm/11:00pm. 
And yes, we got there at 2pm so we gotta hang around outside the shop for 30 minutes before the lady boss arrived with Mochi and her hubby followed close behind with Lola. In case you didn't know, the smaller pups are facing problems of bullying so Mochi and Lola don't get to stay overnight in the shop. Mochi and Yuki-chan also got separated from the rest, and in the 2 hours we were there, Lola (still kept together with the rest of the pups) was mob-attacked twice, led by Lulu first and then Buibui. 

Charges are still extremely affordable at only $8.90 on weekends/PH, which comes with a complimentary choice of drinks (additional charge of $1 may apply to certain drinks) and no limits to the number of hours spent at the pups' playpen. 

 As you can see, the pups' mug-shot posters are still around!

 A string of hand written/drawn notes lined the wall at Mochi+Yuki-chan isolated area. I came across one note hoping that Yuki-chan will not be bullied anymore. T.T

 And as you can see, the dog plushies are still hanging on the ceiling lamps and there's additional shelving on the wall for patrons to leave their drinks on. 

Something new in this newly renovated WTF is this dog treats grabber machine! At $1 per try, you can easily get some dog treats to entice the pups to do basic commands like, "Sit" and "Paw Paw". Lola executed them perfectly but Yuki-chan didn't seem to know these commands. 

And do expect yourself to turn into this number 1 puppy-attractor once you have the packet of dog treats in your hands. 

Another video showing Lola executing the "Paw Paw" command. Sorry for my annoying voice at the end.

Another change I've observed in the new WTF is that Yuki-chan has grown less friendly towards the patrons (is it due to bullying? T.T) and Mochi has grown less hostile after being separated from the rest and kept only with Yuki-chan. In fact, Mochi was begging for lap-naps while we're there! 

Mochi dead-asleep. And she continued sleeping even when YS flipped her over. Either she's dead tired or YS has got some awesome lap. *rofl*

 Even though I noticed Yuki-chan has grown less friendly, I'm still super glad that she still trust me enough to nap on my lap. And when some new patrons came in and tried to touch her, she ran to hid behind my legs. Aww....

The exact same sleeping face (however, with a cheeky tongue) seen on Lola as she napped on YS's lap. 

And sharing a funny shots of Bui Bui. I have no idea what she has up to, but she just lied at the swing door motionlessly for quite a while. I guess she was sniffing for Yuki-chan and Mochi? 
Hmm, bad puppy!

Till then,


  1. Another adorable post! So sad to see dogs bullying dogs ): Especially when they are supposed to be in the same pack.

    Hope the harmony will improve soon!

  2. hi :) can i ask if there are complimentary drinks on weekdays?

    1. i've never visited on a weekday, so i can't advise you on that. plus, they've shifted! they're no longer located at east coast road, but moved to bugis!

  3. Actualy i usualy go on weekdays so day do have complimentry drinks

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.


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