Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Mia's Travelogue - Bangkok: Budacco Hotel

Yes, it's yet another travel log from me. But since it's the ever so familiar Bangkok, I shall not do any day by day detailed run through of my itinerary but just pick out special 'landmarks' or areas to do a review. And so I shall start off with the most important place of my 4D3N trip, my hotel!

Budacco - The Living Place. 

Apparently, this small boutique hotel is very not well known, even among locals and even unknown to the stallholders tending stalls merely 20 metres away. =.="
We hopped onto a taxi from the airport and the driver totally gave us a blank face and say, "Budacco, I don't know! Big hotel, I know. Small hotel, many, I don't know!" 
And so, we gave him Budacco front desk number and he got directions from the hotel staff himself, and yet.... we still couldn't find the hotel. 
In the end, the driver, who was near a mental breakdown, called the hotel again and the friendly and helpful staff actually came out to fetch us. Taxi fare on meter (with slightly slow traffic) from the airport, with addition of airport surcharge and toll fee, amounts to THB $300. 

If you're thinking of staying at Budacco Hotel, rest assured that the location is actually very good, within walking distance to Pratunam Market, Platinum Mall, Palladium Mall, Shibuya 19, and the entire stretch of other malls. If you're feeling the lack of exercise, you can continue walking along the BTS trackway and get to Siam area too. But really not advisable with Bangkok's unforgiving hot weather. 
Nevertheless, getting to the hotel for the first time might be slightly challenging. My tip is, get the taxi driver to drop you at Baiyoke Hotel, at the road that house Indra Square and entrance to Pratunam Market as well, and walk in yourself. Walk from Indra Square down to Baiyoke Hotel, and turn left at the first junction and then right at the first small lane. You will pass by some bag and watch stalls, Indian restaurant and Blue Spa Massage before coming to Budacco Hotel located right at the end.

 I was pretty surprise to find the lobby and cafe so small. It looks so much bigger on the photographs on their website. Turns out it's all wide-lens at work. Hahaha!

The corridor is pretty well lit with the bright wall light right at the door.

Once again, wide-lens' work on the website photos. But we still really liked the room for it's clean and cosy. Look at those towels folded into an elephant on the bed! How cute! :)

As for the bathroom, as though there's no long bath, we're still given a good handheld shower with heater function.

There's also cute bottles of shampoo and body wash, along with cotton buds and shower cap provided by the wash basin.

And right in between the wash basin and bathroom area lies the wardrobe with clean bathrobes and a safe provided. :)

Their breakfast is pretty decent, though not fantastic. There's a small variety of food that comprises of Thai food staple (Thai style rice and noodles), western breakfast like sausage, ham and mashed potatoes, toasts, cereals and yoghurt. Their breakfast coffee is pretty decent too! 

So was their Iced Coffee from the cafe menu. Haha, we were too hungry to venture out to find food when we check in and so we decided to try out their cafe food.

 Green Curry with Chicken

This is again, pretty decent, but we could have gotten better tasting yet much cheaper green curry elsewhere. They're quite generous with the ingredient, but I would have preferred it to be spicier and of thicker consistency.

Breaded Chicken Cutlet

Quite enjoyed this. But once again, unless you're dying of hunger and doesn't mind paying Singapore pricing for Bangkok food, do try this out.

For booking of Budacco Hotel, visit booking.com, hotels.comagoda.com or expedia.com for better deals!

Till then,


  1. This place is nice. My friends and I are planning to go Bangkok next year. =D

    1. You can consider staying at budacco. :)

  2. This hotel looks stuning. I love the pink and white interior, very girly!

    1. Yes it is! But there's yellow, green and blue themes too.

  3. The food looks delicious :D
    I wish I can go there to see Thai skincares ^^


    1. I wanted to check out their drugstore eveandboy. Walked around Siam square with google map on and yet I couldn't find it. :(

  4. Looks like a great trip - Love your pictures, what a gorgeous place to stay! <3 GIGLove

  5. my next plan for travelling is Thailand.....thank you for this hotel review :)

    Love, Leonita

  6. Looks like a pretty nice hotel! Definitely something you'd stay at if traveling on a budget.

  7. the hotel is really friendly and cozy..
    welcome elephant at your room tho!
    that so cute <3

  8. Seems like a great place! All Pink and lovely !


  9. Looks like you have a great stay at Budacco Hotel. Awww I'm missing Bangkok already T_T!

  10. such a cute room! hotel looks cute too

  11. Cute elephant towel ^^
    The place looks great and the food look so yummy

  12. woww, I have stayed at this hotel too ! It's amazing.. the place is very clean and near to platinum mall..


  13. I was supposed to go this year. Sadly it clashed with their bad times. :/

    Gig Love,
    Siew Hui

    1. Aww, that sucks. Me too. Was supposed to go in feb. topped up to switch the flight to July.

  14. I wish I can visit Bangkok. Such a nice travel tips. Will check this hotel if I went to Bangkok.


  15. Loved the elephants and the food looks so delicious! Lots of GIG love :)

  16. Looked like you had loads of fun! Are you going anywhere else soon?

    1. Yup, I'm going to china shanghai and Wuxi in coming October. :)

  17. what fun ! only visited asia once and really want to return such a lovely part of the world

  18. Nice! Such a cure room painted in pink! <3 I hope to visit some countries in Asis too!

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