Saturday, 7 November 2015

Mia's Review: Bulgarian Rose Karlovo Signature Natural Rose Water [Sponsored]

Previously, I've shared my experience at Bulgarian Rose Karlovo Tea Party at Muffet's Room Cafe and has introduced a few lines of their products. 
And as promised, I'm going to do a full review of their Signature Rose Water. 

I was truly surprised when I opened the package and was greeted by a subtle rose scent. 

There really was quite a generous amount of dried roses in the package as well! 

Bulgarian Rose Signature is a complex care that keeps the skin healthy and youthful. It's 100% natural rose water obtained by distillation of the flowers of the oil-bearing Rosa Damascena. It is a natural tonic that allows the skin to retain its beautiful youthful appearance, smooth out the telltale signs of aging, compensate the increasing collagen deficit and keep its fresh look for longer time. 

For those ladies who cares a lot about the ingredient list of your skincare products, you'll be glad to know that the natural rose water's list goes like this: Rosa Damascena flower water, Citronellol and Geranoil, which are monoterpenoid found in rose oils.

Having no alcohol and no preservatives added, it's is important that you keep the bottle in a cool, dry place (airconditioned room or simply, the fridge) once you've opened it. The scent of the rose water also tends to change slightly the longer you keep the bottle after opening, so do not be alarmed when you realised that your rose water starts to smell different. However, when it started to smell more like a sour muddy water rather than rose water, it's better to stop using it totally. 
As the water comes in big, jumbo bottles of 500ml, I found that it's more convenient to decant small amounts of the water into a small spray bottle and keeping the rest in the fridge. 

I'm using it both as a toner (with facial cotton pads) and facial spray (decanted into spray bottle) in the mid-day to freshen up and 'waken up' my tired skin. It worked especially well as a 'base' to work in my facial oil (my pure argan oil) or my revitalising acne scar cream (very thick gel) as I found that without first spraying the rose water, those products took a lot longer to get absorbed into my skin. Given the generosity of the packaging and shorter lifespan of the product, I felt that it will make a great wet compress (using cotton pads) as'spot treatment mask' or you can even use it as a face mask by getting this dry face mask sheets and dunking them into the water. However, the scent might be a little too acute for you if you have a more sensitive nose like me. 

Bulgarian Rose Karlovo is available at Skin SocietyLazada and Sasa Cosmetics @ Clementi. 
For more information, visit their FB page HERE

Till then,
Mia Foo


  1. Cool for them to have those products there.. :)
    You may wanna be a part of my list?... just ding me here pars:

  2. I so want to sniff it out as soon as I saw those dry roses ^_^ I bet they smell heavenly x

  3. Bulgraian Rose - never seen one; but the rose water sounds all lovely with some great fragrance, I soo want a whiff of it now. Great review, Mia!

    - GIG Love -Chaithra - Style.. A Pastiche

  4. Rose Water is my favorite!! You need to try the Mamonde one too! It's good.

  5. Rose water is amazing, so refreshing for the skin. I so want to know how this one smell. It is actually a good idea to use it as a hydrating mask!!

  6. I'm much curious about anything rose on beauty products. I haven't tried one and would really love to someday.

  7. rose water is said to be so refreshing for the skin ....i bet Bulgarian rose water would be smelling heavenly

  8. im not a rose person and not too fond of the smell. but glad to know theres no preservatives!

  9. oh my, those dry roses!!! can i have one please 😍
    ....I love anything rosy, and rose water is a must for most of my home made mask! this one sounds great!

  10. the concept is so romantic and sweet at the same time.
    love it so much, seems good to try it

  11. Rose water is the best! My toner is actually similar to this and I absolutely love it since it's also preservative free so it's gentler on my skin!


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