Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Mia's Review: Garden Picks Treats [Sponsored]

Yeah, you got it. I got more yummies from Garden Picks again! 

Other than the old favourites (read my review on these two yummies HERE) there's also a handful of other new yummies that came together in the box. 

First up, these yummy chili corn nuts. And unlike their name, they're not nuts. Corn nuts are actually corn kernels that have been roasted or deep-fried, making them seriously crunchy and nutty in flavour. 
For the case of Garden Pick's corn nuts, they're roasted and flavoured to be mildly spicy with a refreshing splash of lime. It tasted very 'Indian food' at first bite, but the combination of the strong crunch, spiciness and zesty flavour of lime will definitely get you addicted.

I first tried a crispy lotus seed when a neighbour brought some back for us from Vietnam, and I got hooked on first bite. Crisp and crunchy (not hard and crunchy, though some might be) with a slightly sweet nutty flavour, this is definitely one of my low calories go-to snacks.

I had really high expectation of this. Dry roasted edamame, how good can this get? But I was slightly disappointed to find out that they tasted exactly like dry roasted green peas. 
I know these two are somewhat similar, but in their fresh, cooked version, I can really taste the difference between edamame and green peas. 
But anyhow, if you love edamame and roasted green peas, this healthy, low-calorie snack will be your best friend. 

And now for my absolutely favourite, the BBQ Rice Crisps. I personally will advise that you buy them in the small standard packs (3 for $10), or you might have to portion-pack them yourselves if you were to buy the bulk packs. It's all for your waist lines, people. Because you won't be able to practice any form of self control with these.
Extremely crispy and flavourful, they are so good you won't be able to stop popping them into your mouth until you empty the entire bag.
They've been OOS for a while and has recently been restocked HERE (note that this link will be broken if it goes OOS again) so hurry!
They also come in chilli flavour so if you'll prefer a spicy kick, do check that out as well!

All of Garden Picks products are available in two sizes, standard packs which are going at 3 for $10, or bulk packs, prices varies.

For more information on Garden Picks and their choices of snacks, nuts, dried fruits and nut butters, check out their website HERE

Till then,
Mia Foo


  1. Delicious packed goods! I think this would be a great snack or pasalubong. I love that they seemed to experiment with their ingredients. Hope to taste this soon!

  2. I love nuts! And now I feel like eating salted caramel peanuts lol. They look very tasty! I'd also love to try the BBQ rice crisps. I've checked out their website and I only can't find if they also ship to Europe? The shipping and return page says: Put here your Shipping & Returns information.

  3. I always have this kind of snacks every time I travel.. these snacks that you shared however are quite new to me.. an interesting twist! I am intrigued with the Lotus seed the most.. i wonder how it tastes like

  4. I usually go for boy bawang and nagaraya, but I think I want to check out the dry roasted green soybean and crispy lotus seed from garden picks on our next travel ventures :D Very interesting stuff, and something that I can give to my kids as they have allergies to nuts hehehe


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