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Mia Bakes: Homemade Digestive Biscuits (Wholewheat Oatmeal Honey Biscuits)

If you didn't know, I've started on a diet-changing mission almost 3 weeks back and I'm currently on my 3rd week of zero refined sugar, zero refined carbohydrates diet. 
But, I can't give up on my wheat products and it's kind of depressing whenever I see sugar listed among the top 3 in the ingredient list of those biscuits I loved, or they do not use 100% wholegrain flour. 
So I thought, heck it! I'm going to bake my own healthy, no refined sugar, 100% wholegrain biscuits! 
And I'm not going to lie that I'm super happy to find out that they taste really close to those store-bought digestive biscuits, just not as crumbly-crisp and of course, not as sweet. 

So, let's get over the ingredients so we can get started.

You'll need:

100g Wholewheat AP Flour
100g rolled oats
(I used quick-cooking oats)
100g Salted Butter, soften
2 tsp Baking Powder
2 to 2.5 tbps raw Honey

If you prefer to use brown sugar instead of honey, you'll probably need more depending on how sweet you like your biscuits to be and also some milk to form your dough,

First up, blitz your oatmeal in your food processor until it resembles flour. Then, add in your wholewheat flour and baking powder and whisk to combine. 
Using clean hands, knead in your soften butter until the mixture starts to get clumpy and resembles wet sand. 
Finally, knead in your honey until your mixture forms a dough ball. 
I suggest that you start with 2 tbps of honey first and only add in more if your dough is still dry. If you wish to have less sweet version, you can reduce your honey and add in milk for the required hydration level of your dough too. 

Wrap your dough ball with clingwrap and leave in the fridge for at least 1 to 2 hours for it to set, so that it's easier to roll out and cut out your biscuits.

I rolled mine pretty thinly, about slightly less than 1 cm thick and cut our some cute bunnies and lambs with my small cookie-cutter.

Send your biscuits into your oven, preheated to 180 degree Celsius and bake for 15 minutes until you can smell the buttery fragrance coming out from your biscuits. They do not spread at all, so you may lay them as close as possible on your baking sheet. 

Tadaa, my cute bunnies and lambs.
A friend asked if those bunnies are Ewok, though. =.="

I halved the recipe and got 15 of these small sized biscuits, which are so yummy!

And of course, if butter is still not healthy enough for you, feel free to switch it with another oil of your choice, like coconut oil or EVOO for an even more guilt-free sweet treat!

To get the wholegrain flour and organic raw honey I've used for this recipe, hop over to iHerb right now! 

Till then,
Mia Foo


  1. Looks delicious! I would love to cook more and expecialy sweets but I'm living in Indonesia now and here is not so common to have oven :( so I cook less as well food in the streets are much cheaper than to buy ingredients and cook at home. But one of my favorite desserts here "marthabak" - sweeeeeet bomb even if not healthy :(

  2. Nomnomnom! Hahaha. New recipe to add to my book. I'm a big fan of digestive biscuits, I like to add chocolate on top :P Hehe.

  3. They look yummy! I love desserts and cookies! I wish you took more photos of how you did them. The shapes are cute tho :)

  4. I never thought of making my own biscuits, but then again, I am not a big biscuit fan. Yours look very soft and I like the fact that you've made them in rabbit shapes. Honey works well replacing sugar.

  5. I don't really bake as I prefer eating. Hahaha! Anyway, you presented your biscuits in a nice way. It also seem healthier since it's made wheat and you used honey instead. I'm sure bakers will love this. - Me-An Clemente of

  6. It looks very tasty!! Some colleagues of mine are on a zero refined sugar diet as well. I'll make sure to share this recipe with them. S they can try it out. And ofcourse I can try it as well. It looks nice.

  7. I don't have an oven so obviously I can't make these but they sure look cute, you even shaped them as bunny. I am really curious about its taste though. I am also on a diet but I can't go without sugar, my body would crash.

  8. Bunnies! I love them! hahaha. kidding a side, now a days people are looking for healthy food and knowing how to make such is a plus. Luckily you know this and shared it with us. It would be a great help. I will try this soon and inform you how things went :)

  9. Looks good! What's wholewheat AP flour? I'm new to baking. But I wnat to try this recipe minus the honey. I plan to use brown sugar instead.

  10. Those are super cute. And it's good because it's good for a healthy diet. I would like to add yummy. Unfortunately I can't make them at home hahaha I don't have oven.

  11. I'm not good at baking (nor cooking) but I'll soon give this a try since I want to be a good homemaker. :D Although I'm a much better eater than a cook haha I love bunny cutter and bunny shaped cookies :3 I'm thinking it would be a nice treat to give away at children's birthday parties but with added icing to decorate the cookies. <3

  12. Your bunny and lamb biscuits are too cute! I'll give a try of baking your recipe. I just hope that it will come out awesome! hahaha

  13. Too cute to consume. Haha. But will do this at home as i make my own cookies too. Your recipe I guess could help me with my breastfeeding as your cookies have oats and I believe oats help increase milk supply. Thanks for this.

  14. bunny's and lambs... very cute idea and I find myself wanting to make these and bite off the heads of the little cute biscuits (never thought I'd say that before!) thanks for the recipe : )

  15. Oh nice homemade biscuits. Like most, the bunny and lambs shape are so kawaii!! Thanks for sharing this healthy biscuit recipe of yours!

    MicaThere's More To Mica

  16. These biscuits look so yummy, and they are so cute. I love homemade biscuits, and even better if they are digestive:) Definitely will give a try to these.

  17. I love digestives!!! It's a staple in our pantry. Thank you for sharing this recipe. I will try this for sure. Finally, I can make homemade digestives for our family to enjoy. Would you know what will be the effect if I use unsalted butter and just add a teaspoon of salt?

    1. yes you can use unsalted butter and add salt to taste as well! it shouldn't affect much! :)


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