Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Mia Bakes: Cornflakes Crunchy Butter Cookies

Well, guess what? I'm supposed to be putting up a food review but I decided to let this recipe post jump queue. CNY is around the corner and I've been baking more often than usual (aside from my weekly breadmaking) to test out new recipes for my CNY cookies. 

My mum has been bugging me to bake those honey cornflakes cups, but I'll very much prefer butter cookies. So I reckon, why not mix the two up? 

So let's get over the ingredients so we can get started. 
You'll need:

100g salted butter 
(Golden Churn is preferred)
75g caster sugar
1 egg, beaten
150g Top flour (or cake flour)
30g potato starch
(you may use corn flour, but I personally feel PS gives more crunchy cookies while CF makes it more tender)
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
30g cornflakes, lightly crushed with hands.
More crushed cornflakes (to roll your cookie dough in)

Instructions are simple. First, cream your butter and sugar until it turns pale and fluffy. Then, add in your beaten egg and vanilla extract and mix until well combined. Sift in your flours and fold until just combined, before folding in the crushed cornflakes. 
The dough should be easy to work with, and shouldn't be sticking to your hands. 
I used a weighing scale to portion my cookie dough into 13g each (my first scoop was a 13g hence I decided to go with it) and then rolled the dough into more crushed cornflakes before putting them onto a baking sheet, spaced a few cms apart.
You need not space them out too much as these cookies do not puff up much, nor spread a lot. I didn't even need to chill the dough before baking. 

Bake the cookies at 175 degree Celsius for about 20 to 25 minutes or until the surface turns slightly browned. 

These cookies are full of buttery fragrance (do remember to use good quality butter if not your cookies will not taste as good) and crunchy from all the cornflakes bits. 
If you'll prefer a more crumbly and tender butter cookies, just cut down the baking time and not let your cookies turn too brown. 

Till then,
Mia Foo


  1. There is a reason why I am commenting on this post. I am very fond of cooking and I have even contributed a few guest recipes to my wife's blog. I have personally never tried baking but we are soon going to get an OTG in order to start with it. I might just try out your recipe to see how it turns out to be. I guess it's simple and should be good at a starter level....

    P.s. I had some trouble commeting on your blog from my mobile phone. The post comment link wouldn't work. You may want to check and correct that.


  2. I think I can prepare Cornflakes crunchy butter cookies now, all thanks to your recipe and carefully crafted guide. This post was helpful.

  3. Yumm yummy.. Food makes me happy for no reason.. Now am drooling over this yummy cookies..very nice post

  4. I am virtually licking all this stuff off your fingers, all this is sounding so yummy to me. Do you also sell your wares or it is an amateur activity? I can see love oozing out of these cookies, ha ha ha...keep cooking and keep satiating the taste buds of many people.


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