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Do you smell something familiar? Yes, get ready to party, durian lovers! The durian season is here again!

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Well, actually I don't eat durian. I don't really detest the smell (like most other durian-haters), but it's the texture with the smell-and-taste combined that I can't seem to enjoy. But that doesn't stop my parents from enjoying their durians every year, during the durian seasons.
I still remember, earlier in the days when I was much younger and my grandma still very much active (she's still in the pink of health now, just a problem with weak legs), every year during the durian season, she would come over to our house and together with my mum and dad, head down to the market place in our neighbourhood and buy 2 to 3 big bags of durians from the fruit stall, carry them all the way back home, lay them out (still in husks) on newspapers on the floor and just whack everything. 
Back then, I actually quite like the smell of durian in husks and so I will always sit together with them (while my brother hides away) and just smell durians while they ate. 
Haha, I know it's weird, but don't judge me. 

And now, fast-forward at least 10... 15(?) years, there's no need for all those sweat (of carrying heavy bags of durians) and blood (when those pesky thorns prick you) in exchange of these King of Fruits, for you can easily order them online, and have your orders delivered right to your doorsteps. How convenient is that!

Being durian lovers themselves, Duriandelivery understand the desire for many durian lovers to have a durian eating experience that isn't filled with doubt disappointment, and definitely not the common quarrels with durian stall owners that happen all too often. Hence, Duriandelivery takes pride in ensuring the quality of their durians, paired with competitive pricing.

While most durian stalls typically are selling durians that are one day old, Duriandelivery makes sure that the durians reach us within 6-12 hours after they're plucked, keeping them at their best quality possible. Any fresher, you probably have to pluck them yourselves.

While there are quite a handful of durian variety available in Singapore, such as Musang King (Mao Shan Wang), Old Tree MSW, Red Prawn, D24, Golden Phoenix (Jin Feng), D101, Black Gold etc, the selection (and quantity) available on Duriandelivery still relies greatly on Mother Nature.

As of now, there are 4 variety available: Old Tree MSW, MSW, D101 and XO D24 (traditional D24 with a premium XO-like aftertaste). At Duriandelivery, the durians are de-husked and packed into hardy plastic containers in packs of 400g or 800g for easy delivery and greater convenience of their patrons.
Pricing (per 400g) ranges from $16.90 for XO D24 & D101 to $34.90 for Old Tree MSW

And here's what I got for my parents!

Old Tree MSW
These are the popular Mao Shan Wang that's plucked from only the oldest, most premium trees. Taste-wise, they're more rich, with a heavily complex flavour and much more bitter.

These Old Tree MSW have much smaller seeds and very plump flesh, apparently damn shiok to eat, especially if you're a fan of MSW for their bitterness. But my dad is not a fan though, for the bittersweetness of the usual MSW would have been just nice for him. So the slightly stronger bitterness in these Old Tree MSW has somehow crossed that line for him.
My mum loves the plumpness of the flesh though. I think that's pretty obvious just by looking at the pictures, they're huge!

Mao Shan Wang
The ever so popular MSW that's bittersweet with a complex taste. In terms of bitterness, these will be milder than the Old Tree MSW. 

Rich & creamy in texture, relatively small-seeded with plump flesh and that distinctive bittersweet flavour, my dad is a fan! He just kept eating non-stop from this box. ROFL.

Red Prawn
Intense sweet flavour, with a more distinctive orangey-yellow flesh and definitely more "fun-sized" compared to the other two variety.

My mum (actually my parents') first try of Red Prawn, and she loves it for the sweet flavour.

And do you know, Duriandelivery also offers 100% money back guarantee (bao jiak) for their durians? Duriandelivery offers full refund or replacement for any unripe/sour/watery durians. You can also get to enjoy free, same day delivery for purchases of above $120!

For more information & ordering, visit

Till then,
Mia Foo


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