Sunday, 29 July 2018

WholesaleAirtrack: Living Your Gymnast Dreams

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Always dreaming of perfecting that fancy somersault, but can't seem to get past the fear of tumbling over your own feet and landing on the cold hard ground?
Fear not, because Wholesaleairtrack  has got your back!

Being the world's largest supplier of inflatable airtrack, Wholesaleairtrack has several years of experience in producing airtracks. With all these years of being in business and hundreds of tests, Wholesaleairtrack has developed the best quality of air tumble track to ensure that each part of the airtrack maintains its best quality and lasts a long time and is safe for customers. They always strive to work closely with all customers to meet each of their requirements and tailor the airtrack according to their wishes. 

Having dealt with customers from all over the world, from experienced business to new entrants, Wholesaleairtrack has gone beyond just supplying products to helping customers with useful advice and tips for starting up. In order to maintain a good, long-term business relationship with their customers, Wholesaleairtrack is committed to live up to their highest expectation of their services and products, and will always strive to provide the most satisfying products. 

Other than the standard airtrack  that comes in P1. P2 and P3 variations along with a myriad of colours to choose from, you can also expect to find electric air track pump in various powers, ranging from as low as 500W to as high as 1800W to cater to your different needs. 

Wholesaleairtrack also provides various airtrack sets, such as the tumbl trak air floor that also comes in various pretty colours. 

Bringing products directly from manufacturer to your doorstep, Wholesaleairtrack pass along the savings of eliminating fancy showrooms, middleman and additional value of branding directly to their customers with low factory prices. Moreover, Wholesaleairtrack also strives to provide the best of customer service by offering FREE SHIPPING for all their airtracks and printing of logos on the airtrack without any customisation fees.

For more information, visit their website HERE or drop them an email at

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