Tuesday, 28 June 2016

#FitnessWednesday - What's Your Body Type?

It's been a while since I've last done a fitness related post and I thought perhaps it's time I do some catching up.
And so, I've been doing some fitness research randomly when I came across a video on youtube, talking about weight loss for different body types. 

First up, let's talk about the Ectopmorphs, which I guess should be the dream body type for all ladies... Well, at least it is my dream body type. Why? Because Ectopmorphs are our typical skinny girls who faces problem putting on weight. They eat and eat and eat and yet, no weight gain! How can this not be the ultimate dream of all ladies?

Typical traits of an Ectomorph:

  • Small frame and bone structure
  • Flat chest
  • Small shoulders
  • Typically thin
  • Fast metabolism
  • Finds it hard to gain weight (both fats & muscles)
An Ectomorph typically has a small build with small joints and lean muscle mass. They usually have long skinny limbs with stringy muscles. Due to their fast metabolism, Ectomorphs find it extremely hard to gain weight and needs a huge amount of calorie intake to do so. 

Your typical Ectomorph celebrity - Cameron Diaz

Next up, we have the Mesomorphs, which you can roughly say as having the best of both worlds?
A Mesomorph typically as a medium to large bone structure, with large muscle mass and a naturally athletic physique.

Typical traits of a Mesomorph:

  • Medium to large bone structure
  • Athletic physique
  • Well defined muscles
  • Generally strong
  • Tend to have retangular shaped body with flat stomach
  • Gain muscle mass easily
  • Gain fats more easily than Ectomorphs
Mesomorphs generally find it quite easy to gain and lose weight, and gain fats a lot more easily as compared to Ectomorphs. Due to this easy-gain nature, a Mesomorph will need to watch her calorie intake and cultivating good eating habits is an important factor for a lean and healthy looking physique. Mesomorphs are naturally strong, which is the perfect platform for building muscle mass. They respond the best to weight training and gains are usually seen very quickly, especially in beginners. 

Your typical Mesomorph celebrity - Halle Berry

Finally, we have the Endomorphs, whose body type is typically solid, round and soft. Endomorphs tend to have big stocky build, has slow metabolism and gainst both fats and muscles very easily. Not the best news for ladies aiming to be lean and slim, huh?

Typical traits of an Endomorph:

  • Soft and round body
  • Generally short
  • Big, stocky build
  • Slow metabolism
  • Gains muscles and fats very easily, more on fats
  • Finds it hard to lose fats
  • Muscle mass usually not well defined
Endomorphs are usually of a shorter, stubby build with thick arms and legs. They also do tend to be stronger in their legs (thick thighs, no oh!) and generally find themselves stronger in leg exercises like squats. As they tend to gain both fats and muscles very easily, they tend to bulk up when it comes to training. A good combination of diet, weights and cardio training is required for the Endomorphs to remain lean and healthy. 

Your typical Endomorph celebrity - Kim Kardashian

One important point to note is that these body types aren't mutually exclusive. In fact, most people are a combination of the body types with the more prevailing combinations as Ecto/Meso or Meso/Endo.
Intrigued by these information, I did a quick test and found out that I'm primarily Mesomorph (erm, yay?). If you wish to find out what's your body type, check out the quick test HERE.
But do take note that if you're a typical sized Asian, you probably will always have some Ectomorph traits due to the wrist test, but sadly that doesn't guarantee you a fast(er) metabolism.

Till then,
Mia Foo


  1. before having a kid I used to have ectomorph body and now that i have 1 kid and 1 miscarriage, i have endomorph body but i am trying my very best to exercise and cut down 10lbs

  2. I am an Endomorph from the description but I am no where as sexy as the Kim Kardashian. Fighting the fat is the real struggle all the time ... oh God!

  3. Mesomorphs is then the dream body type! flat tummy, not flat chest! keke.

    1. but meso gain fats easily too. to remain slim meso gotta watch their diet. but not ecto. hahaha! so my dream body type is ecto. eat like pig all day long but still stay slim. flat chest nvm, can use bra inserts mah.

  4. Hahaha I think I have an Ectomorph body and I agree with OY HZ that I would prefer to have a Mesomorph body! Gotta have some curves! Looks healthier as well :D I learnt something new today! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I thin I was an endomorph before and changed to a mesomorph when I started working out. I took the test. I am indeed a mesomorph

    1. i don't think your body type changes. perhaps you are all along a meso, but was a chubby meso (no offence!) so it seems to you that you're an endo.

  6. I probably fall in the endomorph side. I'm petite and I seem to be growing sideways! It's good to know the different body types.

  7. Same here, Meso I belong. It surely makes sense to know your body type. Thanks for sharing this nice post. Kindly visit here for Health and Fitness powerful contents

  8. Thanks for posting this kind of subject matter because I don't know these words. Well, I think, scientist call words that are very difficult to understand by common people. Fitness addict need to study the body type first.

  9. We all have different body types and you just have to know how to carry it. I am more of a wide body.

  10. Looks like I'm a Mesomorph. The moment I go for a get together or eat out, my weight goes up & my paunch comes out!!

  11. It's important to pick the exercise that's right for your body shape! This post is going to be a huge help for people who are planning to work out but have no idea where to start or what to do!

  12. I think I am an ectomorph. But I hardly think Cameron Diaz is an ectomorph. She seems like a big-boned lady.

  13. Wow. I find this pretty much amazing. I will take the test to see if where I do belong. But about getting weight, I guess it depends on the metabolism regardless of what body type they belong.

  14. i learnt about all of this when i was doing my GCSE P.E. it is really interesting to learn about all of this


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