Thursday, 9 May 2019

Guest Post: 3 Useful Content Marketing Tips for Beauty Bloggers

Is your make up review not garnering much traction online? Did you spend hours perfecting that makeup tutorial, only to have your viewers increased by a few in the past weeks? Well, it’s time to get your beauty blog up to par with some content marketing tips!

Connecting with cosmetic brands worldwide is a prime consideration for a successful blogger. However, successful content marketing for beauty blogs does not only rely on a business collaboration. In order to boost online presence, beauty bloggers must leverage on effective content marketing strategies to get ahead of the game. We’re talking about successful social media campaigns and search engine optimised content that is in line with what your audience is looking out for.

Read on for some content marketing tips that beauty bloggers can tap on to enhance their online presence.

Exercise the power of social
There is a vast number of people all over the internet looking for beauty inspiration or simply searching for new products. By tapping on this pool of interested audience, big and savvy brands meticulously plan engaging content for their consumers, especially when they understand their audience profile and what they are searching for. For instance, social media star Kylie Jenner tapped on millennials and Generation Z who are highly receptive to new trends. This profile of netizens grew up in the realm of social media, which made the social
media marketing of Kylie’s line of beauty products very successful.

However, apart from constantly promoting your products, you should also portray a kind of personality to your audience who would then be able to connect with you on a personal level. If you’re able to speak to the inner side of women (or even men), your audience will realise that you are able to relate to them and be more interested to learn more about you.

Nonetheless, content marketing on social media cannot reap success without the basic element – attractive visuals that are share-worthy. Ensure that each makeup review on your blog is accompanied with high-res images of the products. Videos of your makeup tutorials must be engaging yet concise – you have to make use of a good video-editing tool for this.

Take part in storytelling
Anyone can be an influencer in the beauty business – you don’t need celebrity power to be one. Social media has provided everyone with an equal platform where any individual can be an influencer of their own brands. If you’re a beauty blogger, you’re also an influencer as your thoughts and opinions on beauty products and trends are meant to drive discussions among those interested in the subject matter. As such, you can establish connections with beauty brands worldwide who are often supportive of influencer marketing as they help to boost their brands through content. The content must be SEO-friendly such that the right keywords are used to tell the story of the brand which consumers typically search for when they are looking out for the brand’s products. Therefore, be it a sponsored or an original post, your story about a beauty brand can get you ranking online. On the other hand, if you do have a makeup line, link up with the right influencers who will tell genuine stories on your behalf.

Keep your customers on the spotlight
If you already have a pool of consumers engaging with your content, be it a review, makeup tutorial or beauty product, you can use their stories as part of your marketing strategy. At the same time, you can invite your followers to have genuine conversations with you on your blog or social media platforms. When you share beauty tricks and tips, you can get viewers to comment on their experience and provide them with a platform to ask questions. This way, you show that you care for your audience. Engaging your audience on specific occasions such as International Women’s Day or initiating a beauty challenge as part of your content marketing strategy can help to grab the attention of your audience.

It’s time to get cracking on your content marketing strategy for all things beauty!

By Parveen Kaur

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