Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Molly Loves Washing Face

 Hello, I'm Molly! And these are the multi-shots Mia has taken while I was washing my face.
I have the good habit of grooming my face and ears after my dinner (veggie meals at night), and Mia likes it a lot when I'm grooming my ears. She likes how one of my ear will flip up when I tilt my head over to reach my other ear. But of course, because I'm very camera-wary, I managed to escape from the clutches of her camera so she couldn't snap any of my pictures while I'm ear-grooming.
Just earlier, Mia got angry at me for trying to dig in the rubbish bin. Well, I didn't mean to be dirty or playful, really. But I just couldn't get enough of the small slice of apple that Mia's mama has given me as a treat. It was so sweet and crunchy, simply yummy! So when I saw Mia's mama throwing the small bit of apple skin into the bin, I tried to dig for it. And when Mia saw me reaching my paw into the bin, she got angry and scolded me.
All I wanted was to just have another bite of the yummy apple treat. T.T
Till then,

Friday, 24 May 2013

Mia's Candy Review: Peppermint Roca

Did I tell you I'm a chocolate addict? Well, actually I love all sweets, but can't deny that chocolate tops it all. I forgot when I first fell in love with Brown&Haley Almond Roca, probably sometime when I was experiencing my hall life in NTU. I remember I fell in love with the pink round container itself when I first saw it on the supermarket shelves when I was young, but my mother never bought it for me. Too expensive, she chided. So when I moved into hall when I got into NTU, I finally bought myself a tin when I saw it selling at Nanyang Mart (which has ceased to exist in NTU now) and I ended up getting addicted to it! Pretty much emptied out the whole tin at one go.
Okay, enough of all the reminiscing. For now, the (supposedly) Limited Edition Dark Chocolate Peppermint Roca is taking over.

I saw it on the shelves sitting beside the Almond Roca and Macademia Roca and immediately got attracted to the packaging. Yes, it seems like I'm rather superficial when it comes to food. I can't resist pretty packaging. Although I'm not much a fan of peppermint (I even dislike peppermint chocolate, no joke), I simply adore dark chocolate. And looking at the cute candy cane white and red stripe packaging, which is so pretty and festive (even though Christmas is long over), I knew I have to get it.
The design of the packaging is simple. The carton like box opens up at the top to reveal a Roca logo imprinted foil packet which keeps the individually foil wrapped candies. Upon snipping the foil packet open, I was welcomed by a strong peppermint scent which has everything else overpowered. Hmm, not very promising.
The candies are individually wrapped in the same white and red stripes foil wrapper which opens up to reveal the dark chocolate coated buttercrunch toffee candy with white chocolate drizzled over the top. Just like any other Roca, the buttercrunch toffee break easily into a clean crisp cut with an easy bite, revealing the pretty amber coloured toffee and little chunks of peppermint candy, which acts more like the 'surprise centre' of the candy than to be contributing to the taste, for the bulk of the peppermint taste (and smell) actually comes from the peppermint oil added into the classic Roca buttercrunch.
As I chew down on the candy, I found that I actually like it, which is rather surprising given that I dislike all sorts of mint chocolate. The dark chocolate, buttercrunch toffee, and peppermint blends together pretty well to give a flavourful taste. The toffee, as always, is hard and crispy yet chews down softly (you'll understand if you love Roca candies) to reveal its sweet buttery flavour after the dark chocolate has melted away. The addition of peppermint, surprisingly, has not overpowered the usual goodness of a Roca candy, but added a seasonal flavour to it without taking away what's characteristic of a Roca candy. Even though the peppermint smell can be rather overpowering from within the packet, it blends into the mixture very nicely to give a distinct yet subtle peppermint aftertaste to the candy.

If you've always been a fan of mint chocolates, you definitely has to give this a try. It won't disappoint.

Till then,

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Words from Molly: I've learnt to eat mint leaves!

Hello, I'm Molly! As you all know, I've been previously trained only to eat limited kinds of vegetables when I was with my foster mummy. It's been less than a month since I moved into my new permanent home with Mia, and I've learnt to eat a lot more yummy veggies! 
Mia's latest favourite veggie for me are mint leaves! She likes it because I'll make her room smell pepperminty when I chew on those leaves. 
I didn't wanna try it at first, and only chose to eat my usual favourite romaine lettuce. But Mia hand fed me a small bunch and out of curiosity, I tried a teeny weeny bite and found out that it really isn't too bad. 
I've done well, didn't I?

Love ya,

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Mia's Nail OOTD: Cartoon Nails

As I've said in my previous post, I'm a huge nail junkie. And this is my current nail look, the cartoon nails, inspired by cutepolish's animated cartoon nail look. 
Sorry, shaky hands here. It's hard taking a good close up shot using Samsung Galaxy Note with just one hand. 

And with bad lightings, which is also the reason why the nail art seems acceptable?

And finally, with proper lightings to show off all my jagged black outline. T.T 

I've taken the easier way out by painting my whole nail black before painting on the turquoise coat to leave the black outline. With no stripper brush and extremely shaky hands, this is my own way out. The white exclamation marks are then drawn on using dotting tools and the look is finished with a layer of matte top coat. 
Drop me some pointers!

Item used: Etude House polishes in Black and White, China Glaze For Audrey, Silky Girl base coat, Rimmel London Pro Matte mattifying top coat.

Till then,

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Revamping MollyMia

Hi there, it's Mia here. As you all know, I've started this blog solely for Molly. However, as days merged into weeks I've come to realised that things are starting to get dry. Being a new bunnymama, I'm not experienced enough to share with readers the truth and facts of keeping a pet bunny. And having been abandoned before, Molly is not very sociable and I've yet to bond well with her to be able to churn out more personal and interesting posts for this blog.

And then as I stared at the title of my blog, MollyMia, I came to decide that as per the title, if there's a Molly section (everything related to bunny Molly), then it's only right I get myself a section too, right? So yup, I've decided that this blog shall cease being just a pet blog. It's going to get much more personal for me (Mia the Person).

Apart from being an animal lover, I'm pretty much a beauty and nail junkie as well. So expects some beauty product reviews, nail art designs, my new found eating places, and of course my daily aggro/emo rantings!

So stay with us and show your support for Molly's instagram (link in the sidebar) too!

Till then,

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Bunny Problems

Previously I always thought Molly doesn't chew on wires. I was wrong! I didn't bother to check until today, because I never seen her really chewing on the wires. 

And here, one of the biggest hole she has made in the wire to my fan. Because of the location I'm unable to fence it and keep it out of her reach. About 4 holes has been chewed out on the single piece of wire. Thank goodness I've fenced out the wire heaven under my desk since day 1. Now, after covering the holes with yellow duct tape, I've gotten myself a bumblebee wire. ROFL. 
Gotta go search for some wire protectors that can prevent bunnies from chewing through. Any ideas or recommendations please drop me a comment! 

Over the few days I've been seeing furballs rolling about on the ground, or stray pieces of fur flying across the air. So I reckon it's time to catch Molly for another grooming session. But as I'm still unable to carry her (she doesn't allow me and will kick and struggle), HRSS's Jacelyn is really nice to drop by my house to groom Molly. I bet you can hardly spot her fur because it blends into my floor. 

And now there's Molly sulking under my desk after her grooming session. She really hates being carried. T.T
And she doesn't even care that her ear is stuck. Ahahahaha! 

And just a small announcement, Molly has finally set up her own instagram account! Do follow Molly @bunnymolly for new photos everyday! 

Till then,

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Video Day: Molly Eats Romaine Lettuce

Romaine lettuce is one of Molly's staple (veggie) diet. See her munches on them! 
Nom nom nom....

ps. the high pitched background noise is my parakeet chirping.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Molly says: I WANT HAY!

I noticed that the hay box is empty but I didn't want to add hay yet because I've yet to change the litter box. The hay monster got frustrated and started "eating" hay through the plastic container.

Gimme my hay, Mia. I want more hay! *nom nom nom*

I... can't... reach... it..... T.T

Till then,


Thursday, 2 May 2013


In case you don't know, bunstruction stands for bunny destruction.

This was what I came home to after work and there's Molly eyeing me warily while she munches on her dinner (chye sim and pang chye.)

But maybe I should cut Molly some slack. I guess the hay monster got frustrated from trying to reach her hay. Yes, she squeezed her whole head in to eat as the hay depletes. The hole is too small for her to jump in.

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