Saturday, 31 August 2013

Mia's Update: Diamond Lash Workshop

Just last weekend, apart from going to the SEA Aquarium with my Uni mates, I've also attended this Falsies Application Workshop together with Airmeli, which was hosted by Watson.

The event is hosted at the theme restaurant called Blisshouse located at level 3 of The Central @ Clarke Quay. When I stepped into the restaurant, my first thought was, "I must eat here one day!" and you shall see why....

The interior of the restaurant is amazingly pretty, filled with lovely decorations like a swing, a pumpkin carriage (made of metal, duh!), and even a fountain alongside a mini bridge! How cute is that! 
But my girlie spazzing aside, I've heard enough of how Full House (another brilliantly pretty theme cafe) serves food that ranges from being mediocre to bad, so I shall keep my fingers cross until I truly try out the food here, huh! If you've tried them, do leave a comment for me below. 

 Upon entering the event room, I was greeted upon by a table of food (the usual wedges, fries, and fried food) that I've promptly ignored, and this pretty wall table (or whatever it's supposed to be).
 And there at the corner, are two shelves full of pretty trinkets. And yes, that chair sure looked inviting.
 And that's the room within the room, which is basically a table full of diamond lash products. 

 And there's Larry Yeo giving his first lesson of the day. There was 2 sessions scheduled and we were in for the later slot.  

This is our work table. We were given scissors, eyelash curler, lash glue, mascara, and of course the usual mirror, cotton pad and Q-tips.  

The steps of falsies application is pretty much fixed, so I reckon there's really nothing much Larry Yeo can do for us if our intention is to learn how to put it on ourselves and not just to have falsies applied on beautifully (regardless by self or by others). 
As usual, we first curl our lashes. Tilt your head up slightly and look down to make the skin of your upper lids taut without the need to pull/tug at it. Then crimp on the curler onto your lashes as close to your lashline as it allows and hold for 5 seconds. Hold them longer and risk getting 90 degrees eyelashes. 
After you're done with the curling, simply apply your favourite mascara on in a zigzag motion. Remember, stick to only 1 coat as piling them on will weigh down the curls you've just painstakingly crimped out. You'll be applying on falsies, anyway. There's no need to achieve any dramatic lashes with the mascara. 
After we're done with the mascara, do the head tilt again and draw on a thin line of eyeliner as close to the upper lashline as possible. The ideal is to not see any skin between the line and your lashline. But of course, I can't achieve that. Not to worry, though. The falsies should cover up most of the blunders created. :p

And then the true hurdle came for the day. To apply the falsies. Diamond lash comes with a fishline spine, hence they're really flexible and soft. I have to admit I'm a total falsies-noob, but I've played with a pair of those cheap falsies I got online before and the difference between their "mallebility" is significant. I had to snip of a little less than 1/6 of it due to my big fold on the inner corners of my eyes. I have a horrible eyelid shape and due to the big fold, my double eyelids on start at the 2nd quarter of my eyes from the inner corners. If you have similar mono/double eyelid combination problem as me, do cut your falsies to a length such that they will end at the beginning of the fold. Else, the fold will just push the spine of the falsies into your eyes. Not something you'll want to experience. Another trick (apart from putting on the falsies from the outer corner of the eye in when the glue becomes tacky) is to push the falsies down from the spine, towards your lashline after you've just stick them on and the glue hasn't fully set. This allows the falsies to sit as closely to the lashline as it can ever be and then with a quick swipe of the fingertip across the lashes (both the natural and falses lashes should somehow be together but not fully interlocked), we can get both the natural and false eyelashes to 'merge' together to avoid having double-decker lashes. 

And after a good 30 mins battle, I finally got both the upper falsies on just as they started distributing the lower falsies. Nah, I gave up on them. They just look way too unnatural for my liking. Can't conjure up a picture? Think of Rain's Back to Basic album cover. Yes, that. 

And now let the pictures do the talking. :)

 After falsies - front shot.

After falsies - lower up side shot. 

And that's me without any falsies. Spot the difference? 

Diamond Lash are on sale at Watsons at $23.90 for a pack of 5 pairs. 

Till then,


  1. wow finally see your face (or rather 1/3 of it) here! actually i think your eyes look bigger without falsies.. :X

    1. ahaha! eyes only! :p
      yeah, from the picture seems like it hor? but i think is because the no falsies pic is more closed up. so proportionately it appaears bigger....?

    2. no leh, it looks bigger and rounder! possibly the lashes are too "heavy" and droops the eyes a lil'..

  2. Blisshouse is beautiful but the food is so so. Drinks are also fairly expensive. Except the ambiance, everything else is okay, can do type. But if it gets crowded, surprisingly, its really humid inside.


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