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Mia's Review: Maybeline BB Watergel

Was tweeting briefing with Airmeli about my blog and she asked me to hurry up with the beauty products review. I was too engross in doing food review, so much so that I keep pushing these reviews back even though I've had the pictures ready since I started up this blog.
And so, this entry shall mark my first ever beauty product review, on Maybelline BB Water Gel.
It's a pretty small tube, 30ml, going for $20 ish at Watsons. As stated, it gives SPF 35 and PA+++ sun protection.

Packaging wise, it's a very simple twist-cap opening, which helps to keep the opening clean as the product itself is more liquidy and runny as compared to many other BB creams selling in the market. It also gives the user a better control of how much product to squeeze out as compared to a (supposedly) more hygienic pump head.

 And for a hand test, you can see that it blends in very well on the right side of the back of my hand (when applied by rubbing) and has minimal coverage. You can't see the blending line at all, this is how light the coverage is and also how easy it blends. 
The product is of a watery gel like consistency and spreads by itself very easily, Hence, there's no worries of over-tugging on our skin in order to blend the product out, which may give us premature wrinkles. I wonder if it's just me, but the product gives me a slight tingly/cooling sensation upon application, just for that 3 to 5 seconds. I stopped experiencing it after I paired this product up with a primer (maybelline's baby skin pore eraser, going for $19.90 at Watsons). I somehow attributed it to the water bubbles released by the product when I applied it on my skin.

(credits to clicknetwork.tv - tried & tested episode 30)

Yes, you didn't see it wrong, those are water bubbles, hence the name watergel. The whole idea of this is to keep our skin hydrated and also create a dewy finish. 
As said previously, the product is extremely lightweight and spreads on our skin effortlessly. I use my fingers to apply the product (directly squeezing out from the tube and slapping them onto my face) and still wouldn't face a problem of streaking even with my haphazardly slipshod blending efforts. The product simply melts into my skin and dries up into a non-sticky dewy finish. This is yet another stark difference from the usual BB cream that gives an extremely sticky after-feeling, which render the application of loose powder necessary in order to set it. With the BB Watergel, I see no absolutely need to set it with powder. Nevertheless, I still do out of habit.

And now for the eyeliner coverage test.

As you can see, it pretty much covers nothing, even though I had applied 2 coats of the product by dabbing & patting. In other words, this is the most concentrated amount I can create over the eyeliner (Dollywink liquid eyeliner pencil). 
So, this product will work better for girls without obvious blemishes and just wishes to even out the skintone and brighten up dull skin. For the less fortunate girls with blemishes and horrible undereye circles (like me), pairing this up with your usual concealer is highly recommended.

And now for the oil blotter test. SF stands for SkinFood Aloe Sun BB (Control) and MB stands for Maybelline. Both were left standing for 30 minutes.

As you can see, the skinfood one has significantly less oil as compared to the watergel! Yes, I'm really surprised! Because to be honest, I didn't quite like the Skinfood one as it causes my face to oil up really quickly, and clogged up my pores pretty bad. I developed many tiny bumps while using the Skinfood BB on a daily basis, and it only cleared up after I stopped using it. I've been using the BB Watergel for about 2 months till date and it hasn't given me any significant skin problems. My skin also doesn't oil up as quickly as when I was on other usual BB creams. 
On another note, when I observe both cream samples carefully, I noticed that the skinfood sample has pretty much dried up to a matt surface. The BB watergel, on the other hand, remains dewy and watery. I reckon it's the releasing of water bubbles that has done the trick. It may also be this water releasing technique Maybelline has adopted for this BB Watergel that has kept my skin more hydrated throughout the day and hence, stopped me from oiling up too quickly. Simply amazing! 

So to conclude, the Maybelline BB Watergel pretty much resembles a tinted moisturiser in the aspect of consistency, spreadability, blendability, and coverage, as compared to our usual BB creams. It gives a dewy skin finish instead of a matted one and has the amazing water bubble releasing technique that will help to keep our skin hydrated throughout the day. And so, for those girls who prefer a matt finish and required higher coverage, yet is lazy to pair this up with a concealer, this product is not for you. 

However, just for me, who breaks out at anything 'too rich and thick', this lightweight product shall remain as one of my favourite make up products for quite some time. 

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