Friday, 9 August 2013

Mia's Update: Molly and Jelly

If you're only following this blog, and not Molly's Instagram or Mia's Twitter, you probably didn't know that Molly is leaving. Or rather, she has already left by the time I'm writing this blog entry. It's been slightly more than 3 months since Molly came, but we're unable to bond well. She has been living this forever-alone lifestyle, always hiding behind my sofas to escape from my reach. The only time I can lure her near me was when I have food, and even so she rejects my touch. She will either forcefully pull the food out of my hand and retreating into the back of the sofa to eat, or simply abandoning the food to hide. 
After talking to HRSS, we've come to the decision to have Molly returning to them. Because being unable to groom her aside (Molly returned to HRSS today with dracula nails & matted fur on her butt), how am I supposed to bring her to the veterinarian when she falls sick?

And so, I told Molly she'll be going back and arrangements were made for me to visit other human-friendly bunnies housed at HRSS shelter at Mutts & Mittens (11 Pasir Ris Farmway 2). During my time there, I met two human-friendly bunnies. 
There's Odeon the Lionhead Mix. She has really pretty sapphire blue eyes with red pupils. And the more laid back and tamed of the two.
And there's the 6 months old bunny called Jelly. The smaller, more active and more curious of the two.

Both bunnies were more friendly to human touch, allowing to be carried (even though they don't like it) and flipped onto their backs for a grooming session. Even though Odeon is the prettier one, I decided to get Jelly instead, for her constant mischief and curiosity towards her environment attracted me. 
And one week later, the decision was made and new arrangements were made to do an 'exchange' between Molly and Jelly.
And here's Molly, still chilling behind the sofa with only her head outside (for security). This photo was taken earlier this afternoon before HRSS came to pick her up at 2:30pm. Farewell, Molly. I hope you'll find a new adopter parents who can handle you well and gives you daily apple treats too! 

 And so, one hour plus after Jacelyn left with Molly, she returned with Jelly! That's the new bunny girl on the new pink litterbox. It's made smaller and lower due to her size and condition, but shortly after we switched back to the old one Molly has been using because my dad keep insisting the pink one is too small. =.="

 And from the time she arrived at 4 plus till just minutes ago, Jelly was on a rampage! She didn't stop running and hopping around, exploring every corner of the house. She even hopped into the kitchen to play with the stack of newspaper, and into my parents' bedroom to chill beneath the bed, and also into my brother's bedroom for a mini tour, all without a care in the world! Places where Molly has never tried to venture into. And when dinner was served, Jelly also did the one-bite-one-run trick, eating one piece of veggie and going for a run around the place before returning to the veggie bowl for a second piece. 
Jelly is really a curious adventurer. 
And I have no idea why, but both bunnies love that particular spot beneath my bed. I had a hard time coaxing Jelly out from underneath my bed when she ran into my room, and failed. In the end I was left with no choice but to carry-drag her out and herd her out of my bedroom. Needless to say, my bedroom will forever be out-of-bounds to her. 

After a while I noticed the 'flying' ball of white fluff was missing and found this amusing sight behind the other bigger sofa. Jelly also found one of her chillax hideout, but she isn't as good as Molly at hiding. 

And just minutes ago, I found her half concussed right here, still washing her face quite diligently. 
How adorable! *rofl*

If you're planning to get a pet bunny, please visit HRSS facebook page HERE for more information. 
Adopt, don't buy.

Till then,

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  1. Both bunnies are cute and huggable.

    I was wondering though, why these bunnies are up for adoption? Are these bunnies homeless and eventually rescued?

    Likewise, why did you prefer a bunny over cats or dogs?


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