Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Mia's Review: Burger VS Wings + Bar (BwB)

 Earlier this year (or was it late last year?) Orchard Central has a new tenant at their 11th floor. I remembered walking by while finding my way to Tung Lok, and was instantly attracted to this place. 
Aptly named, you can expect yourself to find burgers, chicken wings, and a bar (the outdoor area beside the restaurant) at this restaurant. On top of that you can get some fries, pizza, and top up ($4.90 for lunch and $7.90 for dinner) for a tapas buffet with every main course ordered. 
 The restaurant is really big and spacious, and that's the tapas buffet bar at the side with some really interesting look tapas. Didn't have a chance to try them out, though.

And of course, with Happy Hour going on until 8pm, with their draft beer at about $10 cheaper per jug, I definitely must share one jug with my fellow beer-fanatic friend. Yup, 2 ladies to a jug and it's not enough. We drink beer like plain water. HA HA HA!

First order for the night was this vegetarian friendly Margarita Pizza - Price forgotten
For a vegetarian friendly pizza, this surprised me. The generously amount of parmesan cheese added more than sufficient savoury flavour to the thoroughly baked till crispy thin crusted pizza and the addition of tomatoes and pineapples just further spiced up the entire flavour by giving each bite a pleasantly sourish taste.
It'll be a good idea for sharing with friends as an appetizer.

 Hot Buffalo Wings (mild) - $15.80

Their hot buffalo wings come in 3 level of spiciness - Mild, Medium and Suicide. For an average spicy food eater like me, mild is more than enough for the 'kick'.
Even though I love the spiciness of this well flavoured and relatively tender chicken wings, I'm pretty disappointed that the coating of their hot sauce has totally soften the battered skin, which has been fried till golden brown and crispy.

Herbs Butter Injection Wings - $16.90

As seen, these wings are skillfully deboned and stuffed generously with a combination of cashew nuts, fresh herbs, butter, mustard seeds and lemongrass.
My verdict? Nayyyy.
Even though the wings are fried till golden brown and crispy on the outside, and the meat remains tender and relatively succulent on the inside, the filling is really not satisfying for my taste buds. I was looking for some crispy wings with buttery herbs fragrance but got none. I didn't even know what filling I was chewing on until I re-read the menu to find out about the ingredients. Quite a head-scratching moment for me.

Finally, someone among us ordered these fries (I reckon it's truffle fries) and we were all unpleasantly surprised when it was served. You can easily count the number of fries in this tiny, hand sized basket. And yes, I used the word 'reckon' up there because I could hardly taste any scent of truffle oil in them. Oh well, at least they weren't soggy, you know?

BwB is located at Orchard Central, 11-03/04.
For more information, visit their FB HERE

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