Thursday, 13 March 2014

Mia's Review: The Little Prince Cafe

Just last week, I came across a friend's post on FB about this cafe and she shared a really cute picture of the cafe and I was like, "OMG, you gotta tell me where is this cafe. Is it in SG?"even though we really aren't that close. Haha! 
Turns out the cafe is in SG and it's located at Somme Road, within walking distance of City Square Mall. So that very weekend, I dragged T over to try out this newly found chill out spot.

To be honest, I was rather disappointed to find it extremely small, with a max of 15 to 18 pax at the interior. However, the cafe is still pretty cute and cosy, and nicely decorated with many wall doodles and The Little Prince novels in many different languages.

I especially love this little corner of the cafe, that '3D' staircase art is pretty cute!

 And right at the corner of the counter, you'll get to meet The Little Prince himself, all in his true paper self! :)

And after which you'll get to meet his plushie doppelgangers, along with their plushie buddies. 

And among the table of decorations right beside our table, we found this! The Little Prince edition of Solvil Titus watch!

Here's The Little Prince novel in languages I've no idea of....

And if you think that's cool, guess what?

There's a pop up book too! In English, and I believed I scanned a Japanese one in another corner. 

And now to their food. :) Their menu is actually extremely limited, but also very affordable. I couldn't remember anything going over $10 on their menu.
My (usual) Cafe Mocha, served in a glass on a bronzed metal plate. I didn't expect much from their coffee in the first place because there wasn't any slightest hint of coffee fragrance in the tight space (think of Penny University, whereby the coffee fragrance just hits you once you push their door open). It was okay, but just not fantastic. Still beats Coffee Beans and Tea Leaf anytime, though. :p

 Homemade Scones, comes in 2 flavours - Umami (Seaweed) and Rasins, at $4.50 for 2. Needless to say, we got 1 of each flavour. 
Heard reviews from friends, and friends of friends, raving about their seaweed scones, which kind of upped my expectation of it. Hmm, a tad disappointed. The scones were okay, near crispy on the outside, densely packed and not moist at all on the inside. Pretty much like a rock cake, just flakier. 
And in contrary to the raves I was pre-fed with, I ended up preferring the raisin flavour more. More basic, and 'authentic'. 
The scones were also served with some citrus peel clouted cream, which I didn't quite enjoy (never a cream person) but T loved it. 
Oh well, it's really just my own personal preference on creams. 

(Half eaten) Onion & Bacon Quiche.
The quiche is nothing less than tasty, with a well baked crumbly crust and filling filled generously with bacons and onions. However, its texture deviates more towards that of an egg souffle, comparing to other really smooth, creamy custardy quiche I've tried elsewhere. 

For more information, visit their FB HERE

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