Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Mia's Review: Batter Fluffy Flaps (BFF)

A few weeks ago, I was totally attracted by this (weather-hit dirty) cute little thing here.

This round 'fluffy' lamb standing right outside an equally cute and cozy looking cafe must have been pearly white when it first got to where it's now.

Even their menu is oozing cuteness! And yes, the 'flaps' here are actually pancakes! 

 The interior is done up in a cute and cozy style, with their mascot lamb on the wall whereby you can actually take snapshots with your friends.

Erm, no the green giraffe is not their table decor. HA HA HA! 

My drink of the day was (one of) my usual favourites named BFF style- BFF signature Caramel Date (Caramel Machiato) - $5.20
Erm, was really disappointed with the caramel sauce 'latte art' they did, even mc cafe did it better. Taste wise, is decent. Not bad, but nothing worth talking much about. For a coffee addict like me, I'll very much prefer the coffee to be even stronger.

Their pancakes comes in 4 main categories.
1. Simple & Make your own
2. Savoury
3. Sweet
4. Kid's Menu

 My mains for the day: Chicken Kebab Blab (Savoury) - $12.90

The chicken kebab wasn't too bad. The chicken was well marinated and still relatively tender, though not juicy, was rather pleasing on my taste buds. The pancakes were light and fluffy, but a bit on the dry side. However, I wasn't too impressed with the dish, for the kebab and pancakes does not mix well nor compliment each other at all. If you've read my review on Wafflelicious, you'll know that they've done savoury waffles pretty well. But not for BFF's case with this Chicken Kebab Blab. 
Tasty kebab and decent pancakes, served with greens topped up with mini eggs (how cute is that). But sadly, they do not compliment each other at all. I felt like I was eating 2 separate dishes, pancakes and chicken kebabs. Not Chicken Kebab Blab. 

Strawberry Cheesecake Flakes - $12.90

These 2 pancakes were served with their house-made cream cheese, digestive biscuit crumbs, strawberries, strawberry ice cream and sauce. 
If you're a cream cheese and strawberry fan, this will be a much better choice as compared to the savoury pancakes. I probably won't say it's fantastically good, but it is an enjoyable serving of sweet pancakes. However, the generosity of digestive crumbs deemed this dish a messy eat.

Teddy Beary - $6.50

One look and you'll know this is off their kid's menu. It's really just a basic pancake, served in cuteness with butter and a few berries, for little kiddos.

BFF is located at 89 East Coast Road. 
For more information, visit their website HERE

Till then,


  1. That teddy bear is so cute. Always makes food taste better if it looks cute, I think.

  2. Oh my! This looks like such a cozy little space! Would love to visit someday. I have to say, I especially like the teddy bear pancake.

  3. This looks like the cutest breakfast place! I never thought of putting pancakes and kebab together. And the Strawberry cheesecake flakes looks like something I really want to try.

  4. Oh! This is what bff stands for.. LOL.. the food looks cute!

  5. The place looks cute, but the pancake-chicken combo is a little weird. I'm not surprised it didn't go well together.

  6. Everything from there is just so cute. Even the name itself is cute. Great place to chill.

  7. This looks like those Hello Kitty cafe and poop cafe in Taiwan! Hmmm, I don't think I will visit though, unless they have free wifi! :D

  8. I want to try the Strawberry Cheesecake and Teddy Bear, so cute. I like to eat pancake for breakfast.

  9. Their foods are too cute to consume haha. Kids will surely love this place. And oh, they look so delicious!

  10. They hacve very nice food presentation and a lot of cute stuffs. Would like to visit if i go to Singapore.

  11. The teddy bear pancake looks so cute and also tasty. I like how animated the design of the place it. It feels so relaxing.

  12. Everything's so cute and in theme!! I especially love the Teddy Beary plating!

  13. Is the price of $12 expensive for your city for a serving of pancakes? Well it is cute, so maybe once is enough for me just to taste.

  14. Cool, cute pancake design and i don't want to eat, hehehehe
    I must try their strawberry cheesecake pancake, looks delicious.

  15. I have not tried savory pancakes. I would gravitate towards the cream cheese strawberry version. -katrina centeno

  16. That Teddy Beary was the cutest pancake I've ever seen. I had to laugh at your comment that the fluffy lamb was once white. Might be a good idea to advice them to give it a scrub down.

  17. Everything is so cute! Costumes and food haha great :)

  18. Always, I like savory pancakes even in crepes. Too sweet toppings makes me squirms. This place looks cozy and cool while dining inside.

  19. Always my favorite. PANCAKES>. back home we call this flap jacks

  20. Would love to try Strawberry Cheesecake Flakes ♥


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