Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Sponsored Review: Trimton (強效瘦)

Just 2 weeks ago, I was really excited to receive this in the mail.

 It's two boxes of Trimton sponsored for a trial period of 20 days.

I've long heard about Trimton (and subsequently about Trimton 2), first from P, and then from all the raves on forums like CozyCot and the now defunct FlowerPod. I was truly amazed by how effective it seems to be, promising of obvious weight loss just by popping the pills. No exercise required! 
Trimton is a great hit in Singapore and Hong Kong over 8 years and use totally natural ingredients with different international certification. It helps to trim our belly and it was reported to have successfully help a lady slim down more than 77 pounds. Sounds like some miracle slimming pill, huh! Let's get on with the product description first. 

Trimton 1 is focused on the aspect of [Trim Belly], and in natural way. 
 It mainly has 3 functions:

1.      Blocking
Neutralize excessive absorption or suppress appetite

2.      Fat Burning
Boost metabolism to burn excess fat

3.      Detoxification
Cleanse and eliminate body toxins

One treatment of trimton will require 3 boxes of 60 pills per box, with the recommended dosage being 2 capsules 30 minutes before breakfast and lunch, and 3 capsules for dinner.
 It contain with natural ingredients like white kidney bean, Gacinia cambogia (HCA) to burn your fat, especially on your tummy area, with no side effect and perfectly safe to use.

Now let's get on to my thoughts on this product. 
First up, the packaging. I feel that the packaging is a little too much. The bottle is really barely taking up 1/4 of the entire box size and I'll love to have their packaging downsizing into a more bag friendly purchase. 

And finally, on to the results. After going through many reviews and raves all over the internet, I conclude that this product will not only just trim down your belly miraculously, but also gives symptoms such as increased heart rate and increased bowel movements. 
But sad to say, nothing happened on me. 
Throughout the trial period of 8th to 21st April, I've lost 0g and 0mm. And I was truly disappointed. 

But then it got to me that I've probably been fed too much miraculous raves on the internet that I've developed an unreasonable expectation for this product. It's only right that we see results at least after 1 treatment is completed, if not more. Moreover, usually in our excitement of hoping to see that darned number on the scale dropping day by day, we tend to forget that such (miraculously) good results will vary in individuals. To subject A (perhaps more overweight and with more to lose), results may come a lot quicker as compared to subject B (perhaps already at a healthy weight but just wishes to lose that pesky 1 or 2kg to hit her own 'ideal' weight).

Hence, I personally deemed this trial period way too short for me to conclude whether Trimton does deliver what it claims to. However, I reckon the 2 weeks is a safe gauge to believe that Trimton will not bring about any short term side effects, like how some slimming medication are known to give. Meanwhile I shall finish up my 1 treatment of Trimton before deciding if this popular product is really for me. 

Are you also a user of Trimton? Do drop me a comment and share with me your experiences. 

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