Monday, 7 November 2016

Mia's Review: Pompompurin Cafe [Halloween Theme]

Yes, I finally visited Pompompurin Cafe, all thanks to Sa's special treat for my birthday! 

We visited on a PH, at an off-peak timing of 3pm, and there was still a queue, albeit a short one. Special request for the booth seats will require a longer wait as there really isn't much booth seats available and the cafe doesn't set a time limit as to how long their patrons can stay in the cafe. 

They've already changed into the autumn setting by now, but when we're there it was still the Halloween theme! 

The entire cafe was just filled to the brim with cuteness. 

Love Love Hot Marshmallow Latte

This has got to be the cutest coffee I've ever drank. Can someone tell me if the white female dog is Cinnamon Roll? 
Coffee wise, it's just pretty average coffee (hence you can say it's overpriced) but the cuteness (and IG-worthiness) kind of makes up for it. Anyway, be sure to NOT stir the marshmallows into the coffee, because they're jam filled kind. It's better that you eat them instead. 

Bacon Mushroom Shoyu Pasta

I actually cannot remember the actual name of this pasta (and google came up with nothing!) but there's definitely both 'bacon' and 'shoyu' inside. 
Although not eye-widening fantastic, it was definitely above mediocre for a pasta dish. The spaghetti wasn't too hard nor too soggy, and the bacon slices added a nice savoury taste to the pasta. Well, it's near impossible to go wrong with bacon, agree?
I didn't try out the salsa sauce (served in the cute pompompurin mini-mug) but ate the toasted baguette plain. They were good enough as they were. Yes, I'm totally a bread person.

BBQ Spare Pork Ribs with Rice

This dish is definitely more IG-worthy compared to the pasta, but slightly lacking in comparison at the taste factor. 
The spare pork ribs has the strong 'pork smell' which they've failed to mask over with their BBQ sauce. They're also quite mediocre in terms of the tenderness factor, as I've definitely tasted better. The rice, in order to attain the cute Pompompurin-sitting-in-a-cup look, was made slightly soggy and 'mashed up', like a lontong (malay rice cakes). 
Well, 10 out of 10 for IG-worthiness, but barely a 5 for the taste factor. 

Banana Caramel Pancakes

This scores like 11 out of 10 for IG-worthiness, no?
Although hardly comparable to those popular souffle pancakes that's oh-so-fluffy and light, this is still a decent pancake with top-rated cuteness, and quite a huge price tag as well. They're rather generous with the whipped cream and banana slices though, for we had to 'shift' the white whipped cream aside to minimise our empty calories intake. The banana whipped cream, although still too much, was pretty good though. 

Pompompurin Cafe has now started their Autumn Theme and they're located at 
Orchard Central, #04-08
For more information, visit their FB HERE

Till then,
Mia Foo


  1. Wow so cute dishes served by the cafe. Never saw such presentation so far.

  2. the cafe looks so cute I love the theme of the place. plus the dessert looks too adorable to eat

  3. I feel like environment is everything. If a cafe has a nice environment plus good food and customer service, people will keep coming back. I also loved that those marshmallows were in your latte!


  4. How cute are those!! The cafe has such a lovely theme and environment. I just wish that there's one like that here in the Philippines. I am curious as how can the makers achieve that kind of artistic presentation for the food.

  5. Can I just say that marshmallow latte is cuteness Overload!!!
    Definitely something I will look into next time I am in Singapore for a visit.

  6. Wow, this truly is an Instagram worthy cafe. So many cute details. It's too bad the food doesn't live up to par. I wonder if they'll have one here...

  7. How cute could the foods in this cafe be?! That marshmallow latte is really fun to look at! The interior is very cute, too. Definitely a nice place to hangout with friends!

  8. This is a very nice cafe. Not for me, I prefer traditional ones that has outdoor settings, but this seems to be perfect for millennials and anyone who likes 'cute'.

    Of course you pay for the place, not just the coffee. Too bad it's not spectacular. Then again, there's always room for improvements.

  9. Oh those are really cute.. I think if I was there I will be confused whether I will just keep them for display or eat them... Those are really nicely presented meals and kids will surely enjoy it!
    too bad it is way too far from my place :( I just hope that they will open a branch here in PH soon

  10. I would love to hang out in a place like this. I have a very soft spot for kawaii things. I'm sure I'll enjoy the food & drinks even if it's a bit average but if they can improve the taste of their menu then that's even better.

  11. I totally agree with you that the place is to the brim of cuteness. I would love to hang out there with a girl friend, just wish I still didn't have to fly just to chill there. I love how IG worth their food is. I just wish that their food was great too so a visit their will be truly worthwhile.

    - Me-An Clemente of


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