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You better watch out, you better not cry, better not pout, I'm telling you why. Santa Claus is coming-

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With a #christmastreefail like this, how can you not pout and cry?

But fret not, because by Floral Garage Singapore is here to help!
Christmas Tree Singapore is the one stop destination for all your Christmas supply needs. Ranging from Christmas trees of various heights, a variety of Christmas tree ornaments and decorations, and house decorations.

And best of all, they provide real actual photographs of their trees because they believe no one should fall victim to buying a lousy tree.

How sweet is that! 

If you're not familiar with FirTECT, it is a German designed technology made to give you hyper-realistic and super durable trees with amazing beauty. This technology ensure that the structure of the trees may withstand a load greater than the stand of an ordinary artifical Christmas Tree. Meaning to say, trees with FirTECT are able to look more dense as they can hold up to 25% more branches than the usual trees sold in the market. FirTECT also enables the leaves of the brances to go through hyper realistic digital printing to ensure that there will be a slight natural variation in the shades of green. 

For those first-timers (at setting up a Christmas tree), is also very thoughtful to provide you a detailed step-by-step instructions (HERE) to ensure that your trees won't end up looking scarce due to poor assembly. 

Other than the usual traditional, hybrid and Pine Christmas trees, you can also find quality christmas tree lights, ornaments and home decorations like baubles, streamers, wreaths and stockings at reasonable prices. 

For newbies looking for more tips to getting your perfect decorations for Christmas, you can also drop by their BLOG for useful guides in creating your unique themes for Christmas tree decorations or for finding the perfect tree for your office. 

And with Christmas getting nearer, is also launching their new terrarium for those who want to add some greenery to your home for the festive season and yet, wish to keep it simple and minimalist. 

Made up of air plants and the Zamioculcas Zamiifolia, or better known as the ZZ plant, this terrarium is the best choice of houseplant for all those forgetful gardeners out there as we all know ZZ plant care starts with a lack of care, for they'll actually do better if we leave them be. 
But of course, a giving them a little spray of water when the soil has dried out will still be a necessity. 

Get your beautiful Christmas Trees and everything Christmas at Christmas Tree Singapore!
For viewing of their trees, drop by their place at 39 Jln Pemimpin #03-04, Tai Lee Ind. Bldg. Do make an appointment via email ( before heading down.

Till then,
Mia Foo


  1. Christmas is my favorite time of the year. One of the things I like during Christmastime is having Christmas trees. It feels so good to just look at a lighted tree while listening to christmas songs. :) Simple yet great family bonding.

  2. That is so nice. I do not think we have that here in the Philippines, ordering Christmas trees online. Imagine how technology has changed everything. Once upon a time, people have to go out and physically chop down a tree. Not only are trees today synthetic, but they can be bought at the comfort of one's home. :)

  3. Thanks for explaining the quality. We have not got this brand here yet. It looks sturdy and durable. As a kid I used to make small ones with cardboard and glittering papers.

  4. Interesting, I never thought about this. I can totally see how this may be helpful for busy people. Have you done this yet?


  5. Wow online shopping, Christmas edition! I think it helps alleviate the traffic and stress that comes with the holiday season. I think I'll buy most of my gifts online too!

  6. One of the reasons why I am always excited for Christmas is because we get a chance to decorate the house.. Christmas tree of course is the highlight of them all.. my sister used to filled it with so many decors while we are in charge with the outdoors... we might consider shopping online for Christmas decors and gifts soon.. i think it is really convenient

  7. Ordering Christmas trees online is for sure really convenient. I love that the online shop sells ornaments/baubles as well. That's like a one-stop shop for all your festive decorations. However, I would still prefer chopping my own tree in a pine/fir tree farm. I once did it in Denmark and I could not forget the feeling I felt when I finally chopped off our chosen tree.


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