Monday, 8 July 2013

MollyMia's Update: Random snippets

I've been wanting to share on these two sites for a while, but didn't get the chance to do it. Bascially I'll categorise them as places to go to when you need to kill time or have a few minutes to spare, and at the same time, earn a cup of starbucks coffee in a week or two. :)
First up it shall be iPanel SG. Basically it's a online survey website, which pays you for every survey that you do. Daily logins and posting of 1 opinion per day is also credited for cash.
High chances of fraud? Nope, because here's the proof.

In about 2 weeks time, I managed to check out 10 dollars from my daily logins & opinions, completing NONE of the surveys (yes, you didn't read it wrong, till date I've still completed ZERO surveys because I qualify or none or those I qualify for are quota full... and yet I still get my payment!), and persuading my friends to join in. And as I'm drafting out this blog post, I've managed to clock up another 12 bucks for checkout to my paypal account.
And yes, do note that payment can only be made via paypal. So do remember to get one before you check out iPanel SG HERE!

Next up, is a paid forum called Discuss SG, yes you got it. a PAID forum. Credits are award for every actions (such as starting of thread, starting of poll, posting etc) taken on the forum and such credits can then be either exchanged for cash or vouchers (such as robinsons, sushi tei, capitaland, swensens, imax, gv etc)!

Once again, fraud? Nope, here's the proof of my payment, a $50 cheque from Discuss SG!

So what are you waiting for, check out Discuss SG HERE now!
ps. and if you don't mind, do credit MollyMia as referrer too!

Next up, updates on Molly. Molly has been shedding rather excessively these days. I reckon it's her heavy shed this time round. It's so bad furballs are flying everywhere, and she has developed this huge balding patch on her back.

See the huge balding patch right across her entire back? T.T
and yes, she was grooming herself and happily cleaning her ears when she realised I was videoing her and quickly switched back to wary mode.

and needless to say, the only time when Molly doesn't mind being caught on camera is...
when there is food!

Till then,


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