Sunday, 8 September 2013

Bunstruction: Jelly thinks she's a puppy

Previously, I've blogged about Molly's bunstruction to her litterbox and some slight gnawing of my fan's wire. Now I got to say, Molly's was nothing compared to Jelly's bunstruction. Just a couple weeks ago, Jelly chewed through my phone's wire. My LANDLINE phone wires. The thing is we've already bunny-proofed it by covering it in plastic casing, but due to the connection to the plug, about 3cm of the wire gotta be left bare. And that's where Jelly gnawed it through. My dad and mum spent almost half a day getting the new wires, removing the casing, replacing the wires, installing back the casing, and protecting the bare wires by wrapping it in duct tape. The next day, we found Jelly gnawing at it again. So we double, and tripled protect it with MORE duct tape. Now, the phone cable wire (the usual thickness, you should know it) is 1 cm in radius. =.="

And now, I faced this.
 Jelly found my 2 months old rubber wedges and ate it! Like, WHATTTT? I thought only dogs like to chew shoes? Why bunnies do that too? Initially, I thought Jelly was only being her usual curious self and doing random sniffing around my shoes, so I left her alone. But half an hour later, my mum started screeching like a banshee, "Look what Jelly has done!"
I went out of the room and found Jelly already hiding behind the sofa and my mum holding on to my poor shoes. My 2 months old, relatively new jelly wedges.
Jelly ate my jelly wedges, no puns intended.
So a word of advice to fellow bunnymamas & bunnypapas who thinks bunny-proofing is all about wires (like me), start keeping your shoes in covered cabinets now! Keep your shoes safe from your (possible) pup-bunnies!

And there's Jelly hiding behind the sofa in chillax mode, obviously not guilt-stricken.

And for another cute pic of Jelly.....
Totally tranced for grooming. Ahahahaha! Pardon my fat legs, please!

And more Jelly pics for those without IG.
 Staring straight at the camera while I snapped a shot.

She purposely flipped her pellets bowl over and because I refused to pick the pellets back into the bowl (she kept nudging it for fun) she started eating them off the floor. 

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