Monday, 23 September 2013

Mia's Update: Orbis Focus Group

Just recently, with the help of Airmeli, I managed to get a place in the focus group by Orbis. 

For those who find this name extremely unfamiliar, ORBIS Inc., established since 1984,  is a leading company in mail-order cosmetics and is also involved markets such as health food and women's lingerie. ORBIS Inc. is well known for its 100% oil-free skin care and has seen its customer's numbers increase dramatically beyond 8.5 million since the introduction of its popular 100% oil-free skin care. Currently, Orbis has sucessfully entered the Korean, Hongkong and Taiwan market and is finally coming to Singapore this October!

And yes, you didn't see it wrong. We're given a $55 worth goodie bag for attending this focus group! If you have no idea what's a focus group, it mainly is some kind of a 'market survey' whereby the staff will introduce their range of products to us and let us try out a sample before asking us to state our feedbacks. And now I'm going to share with you some of the products that made a strong impression on me. :)

First up, we were introduced to the 5 ranges of their basic skincares. The AquaForce range for hydration, Clear range for acne prone skin, Whitening range that is pretty much self-explanatory, Excellent Enrich range for anti-aging, and Excellent White for a combination of whitening and anti-aging. We were given the lotion and moisturiser to test out and I really like the Clear and AquaForce range, especially their moisturisers. The texture is like a clear gel lotion, and is extremely spreadable and light. I need barely a pearl size sample to spread thoroughly over the back of my hand. And while spreading the moisturiser, it gets absorbed into my skin very quickly, leaving a non-sticky and refreshing feel to it. For the other 3 ranges, although slightly heavier in comparison to Clear and AquaForce, are still considered very light and non-sticky as compared to most of the skincare products currently in the market. 
We were also given their aqua peeling gel and bubble masks to try out, out of which I really liked the peeling gel. It's very thin and near watery texture makes massaging the product into the face extremely easy, no tugging on the skin at all. Best of all, despite the watery texture, it took out a great deal of dead skin from the back of my hand (rather embarrassing with the Orbis staff staring at it) and left my skin visibly brighter, softer and smoother to the touch.
Moreover, with their products priced at a very affordable range of $20s, I'm definitely running to the Orbis retail store once I'm out of my current skincare products. 

Next up, we were introduced to their Special Care series, which is basically sunscreen.
We were given both to try, and I really love the UV cut foundation! Even though labelled as a foundation, it's extremely lightweight and blendable, reminding me of a tinted moisturiser, and with SPF50 PA+++! Even though I cannot be sure of it's coverage, Daisy, the Orbis staff, assured us that it can cover some slight blemishes. The other product, Sunscreen on face light, is supposedly one of their best sellers and we even had the product-maker seated in with us, coming over all the way from Japan! The texture is even lighter than the foundation (like, duh!), is slightly tinted and doesn't give a sticky feeling at all, unlike many sunscreens available in the market right now. In addition to these, we were also introduced to their sun powder pact (two-way foundation) and loose powder compact.

And after stacking literally a ton of product on the back of our hand, we were finally given their cleansing liquid to try out. Unlike a normal cleansing oil, which cannot be used with wet hands and required to be emulsified with water (massaged with water after first dry application) before it can be washed off, Orbis's cleansing liquid needs nothing of those burdensome steps. Just pump into our hands (regardless wet or dry), massage onto our face to dislodge all the makeup, dirt and grime, and wash off with water. Viola, cleansed skin! There, another Orbis-must-get added to my shopping list. 

And then, we finally moved on to the diet and health supplement range, and we were given the full range of their diet Petit Shake to try out. 
And as stated, there's 5 other flavours apart from strawberry and I vaguely remembered them as white grape & aloe vera (my favourite because there's aloe bits inside!), peach, orange, pink guava and banana (my least favourite).
The shakes are recommended to be mixed in milk and drank cold. The consistency served to us are like a mix of yogurt and smoothie. Or perhaps you can simply call them, smoothie with very smooth texture. No doubt, very tasty and offers 6 flavours for you to have them throughout the week with 1 day of indulgence. However, I can't advise on how filling these shakes are, I can only confirm on their tastiness. :)

Finally, we were given a small sample cup of Orbis 12,000mg marine collagen to try out, pineapple flavour. First sip and I cringed at the acute sourness. However, the entire group of us later on concurred that we got used to the sourness pretty quickly and it's actually quite an enjoyable acquired taste. I'm not a collagen supplement fan, but after hearing from Airmeli that Kinohimitsu's collagen taste nothing but fishy, I'm pretty sure I'll turn to Orbis if I decided to take collagen supplement one day. :p

And then, to show off my $55 worth goodie bag from Orbis!

This is the paper bag of goodies given to us.

 And within, I found a full sized Cleansing Liquid, one full sized bottle of 6,000mg collagen drink

 Travel sized pack of AquaForce basic skincare (to my choice), kept in a super cute not-for-sale travel pouch!

A sample sachet of their best selling UV Cut Sunscreen on face light

And a redemption voucher for 1 box of Petit Shake and a coupon for redemption of a mini Aqua Peeling Gel with $30 spent.

Orbis will be having their first pop-up store at Ion Orchard B4 (before Muji) from 25th - 30th September, and there will be a FREE sampling bar for ALL petit shake flavours! So drop by and check them out for yourself! 
Do check out Orbis's facebook HERE!

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