Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Mia's Review: Le Spa [Sponsored]

If you still don't know much about me, I actually work in the building and construction industry and my work requires me to really overwork my poor muscles at times. And so, I totally jumped at the chance when TIN kindly invited me to a 90 minutes pampering massage session at Le Spa!

Located conveniently near Telok Ayer MRT Station, Le Spa is a 24-hour massage parlour that combines oriental therapies and modern technologies with a new perspective to ensure that their customers leave the parlour truly satisfied and rejuvenated. 
The best part is, Le Spa doesn't advocate hard selling of exuberant packages, ensuring that every visit will be a truly de-stressing and worthwhile experience. 

Le Spa has 4 types of body massage therapies, out of which one is catered for a twin/couple session. And out of the 3 types catered for solo session, I decided to go for their Le Royal Balinese massage, for I actually do not do very well with those "shiok" high pressure massages. 

I actually walked from Raffles Place MRT Station, and even though the route seemed daunting on google map, I actually got there pretty quickly, and promptly for my appointment. 

As you can see, they have a pretty oriental themed decor, and they also provide foot massage services at really affordable prices too!

I was quickly led into a genkan area to change out of my shoes and then ushered to the dimly lit walkway and shown to my room.

The room is pretty small, but more than enough to fit a bed, a wash basin, and a cabinet to keep our belongings and hang up our clothes. 

There's also 2 handrails installed right above the bed, on the ceiling, which I have no idea what they can be used for, other than for the masseurs to steady themselves while they step on customers' backs?

Anyway, back to my Le Royal Balinese massage. The massage actually started on a pretty high pressure as the masseur literally pressed away all the knots in my back, and gradually mellowed out when she started using the massage oil. It was an amazingly comfortable 90 minutes and I actually fell into a light nap midway! 
And what I really liked most about this massage is that their massage oil actually absorbed into my (dry, thirsty) skin pretty well and by the end of the massage, with just a quick wipe down with a warm damp towel, I'm good to go without feeling oily or sticky at all! 

And apart from just body massage, we can also opt for add ons at very affordable rates for services such as body scrub, gua sha, cupping, ear candling and etc! 

But if you happen to feel oily and sticky after the massage, you can also take a shower at their premise, for their washroom is well equipped with 2 shower stalls, a changing room and lockers too! 

And after I'm done with the massage, I came back out to their receptionist area and found my hot ginger tea already waiting for me! 

Frankly speaking, I'm hardly a fan of ginger tea but I still requested for it for I was feeling pretty bloated and gassy lately, and hopefully the ginger tea can render my bloated tummy some help. And I was pleasantly surprised to find that the tea is only mildy spicy, pretty sweet and very soothing! 

Le Spa is located at 14 Gemmill Lane (Tel: 6222 6803) and 
16A Chun Tin Road (Tel: 6222 6805)
For more information on Le Spa's current promotion, services and rates, visit their website HERE.

Till then,
Mia Foo


  1. Looks like you had a great time! I could totally use a spa day :)

  2. This place looks amazing. And it looks like that you had a great time, I wish that I had the time for that. I totally need one now.


  3. the place is so cozy and comfortable..
    such a relaxation things <3

  4. Definitely the best pamper session ever! Love the environment there and glad that you enjoyed your treatment there :D

  5. how cozy it looks <3 hope u had a great time !

  6. Bet you truly enjoyed the pampering session. Nice place....

  7. the rain shower must have been really awesome!

  8. Ohh the decor of the Spa looks so calming and relaxing! ^ ^

  9. bet you enjoyed yourself thoroughly! everything looks so awesome

  10. The spa looks very relaxing, and it seems you really did have a good experience at the spa.

  11. You really want me to go to a spa these days! :) It looks sooo relaxing.

  12. That spa day sounds absolutely lovely! You just reminded me that I should book myself one very soon!

  13. A perfect place to get pampered. Lovely review dear. GIG love :)

  14. Woo. Def if I have a chance would love to try it. Looks promising and seems like u have had a great time!


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