Sunday, 1 March 2015

Mia's Review: Neo Rosehip Oil Cleanser [Sponsored]

Recently, after using up my current daily facial wash, I was introduced to LIN's Australia, a pretty new (at least, to me) Singapore based beauty & skincare e-store carrying a wide range of Australian products that seeks to bring nature into our urban settings.

Envisioning the needs of modern living, LIN's embraces a natural and an organic concept that holistically intertwines all your senses, proffering the ultimate sensory adventure and capturing the good from the earth, transforming its beauty into a conglomerate of touches, scents and visuals. Transcending boundaries and bringing nature into urbane settings, you can experience all of our nature's wonders painstakingly sourced to help create a mood of everlasting tranquillity surrounding your abode.

In LIN's, you can assimilate a range of quality skin, body, hair and scented natural products with an organic interpretation of beauty into an everyday routine. Extracted from plants with selective bottling of nature, we deliver gentle, wholesome and delicate products that are the best off our soil.

-credits to LIN's Australia-

LIN's is really generous to send me a full sized Neo Rosehip Oil Cleanser (250 ml, RTP $62) to try out! 
Deep and delicate cleansing - our motto! Help remove dirt, impurities, makeup and unwanted white and black heads - with neo's Rosehip Oil facial Cleanser. Blended in orange extracts, walnut and coconut. A cleanser designed with a gentle built in scrub, perfect to use everyday.

I've been using it every night in the showers for almost 2 weeks now and is still left with lots of product, so be rest assured that the $62 will last you quite a while. 

Even though it contains walnut shell (which I've heard some saying that it's too harsh on our skin), the amount of it is actually very sparse, as you can see from the widely spread out specks in the gel, and hence gives a very mild, barely there scrubbing feeling on the skin. 

The cleanser is of gel consistency and doesn't soap up at all, which is a good thing for ladies with dehydrated skin as the soap suds will tend to strip our skin of too much moisture, making our skin feel squeaky after every wash. Scent wise, it has a nice, soothing rose smell to go with the gentle scrubbing actions from the fine walnut shell powder to leave our skin smooth and supple after every wash. 
Unlike other strong scrubbing wash which left my skin 'flushed' and red after a short while of continuous daily usage, Neo Rosehip Oil Cleanser still leaves my skin feeling refreshed, smooth and supple after my daily washes after using it for almost 2 weeks straight. 

Now, let's see the cleanser in action, shall we?

Greedily, I've actually smeared half a pump of my Pixi liquid foundation onto half the area on the back of my hand, hence the patchiness and chalkiness of my skin. 

As I rubbed the cleanser in, it quickly 'emulsified' the foundation off my skin.

You probably cannot see the effect off the picture, but most of the foundation has been washed off in just 1 wash! 
But of course, this cleanser is not a 2-in-1 make up remover/facial cleanser, so be sure to remove your make up thoroughly with a proper make up remover before using this rosehip oil cleanser to thoroughly remove the remaining residues! 

For more information on Neo Rosehip Oil Cleanser and other awesome Australian products, visit LIN's Australia website HERE.

Till then,
Mia Foo


  1. this sounds like a great product!! looks like it works well to remove minimal makeup... thanks for the review...!

  2. This sounds like an amazing product and seems like it works well with removing minimal makeup.. I think I'll give this a try when I finish mine. Thanks for sharing! :D

    Gig Love,
    -Siew Hui,

  3. Never heard of Neo before but this cleanser looks promising. I was looking at the ingredient list on one of the pictures and it's great to see that most of it is natural or plant derived. I'll definitely be giving this a closer look and see if I can get it here.

  4. never thought that rosehip oil can be used as cleanser since we usually see it in its oil form to address scars etc. thanks for sharing!

  5. I tend to like ingredients with Rose hip in them so this seems like something I would try! I love how the bottle looks too.

  6. I haven't heard of this product before but it looks interesting.. I have major skin issues so I dislike having products that aren't natural based on my skin..I'll do more research on this.. Thanks a bunch for the post

  7. That curvy packaging and red hued product makes it look really attractive. top of that by your words it sounds like a good product. I'll have to look for it here :)

    Much Love

  8. I like the sound of this product, anything that smells good normally sells for me too :p x
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  9. This sounds like a good cleanser, the packaging looks cute.

  10. the fragrance is so unique i would like to try it.
    really great review :D

  11. Never heard about this brand, dont think it's available in my country. Would sure love to try it.

  12. owhhh nice it's seem like a 2in1 cleanser/scrub....i love gel product because it doesn't make skin become oily!

  13. I've never heard of NEO Rosehip oil before, but it looks amazing. I love trying out new cleansers and I'd love to try this out.

    GIG LOVE | The Life of Leeshastarr

  14. Rosehip Oil has amazing benefits for the skin & this product looks lovely, I'd definitely like to give it a try myself!

    Pixee xx

  15. Wow your review is so detailed. I have heard about rosehip oil but never had the chance to try it. You sold me with this post.

  16. I'm so into oil facial cleansers right now, I'm actually doing a review on one as well soon. I've never heard of this one before so thanks for sharing :D

    xoxo Francy @

  17. That's cool, facial cleanser that could wash off make up are the best!! =D

  18. this sounds really good but I'm not too fond of rose scents

  19. What a funky looking bottle. I like the unusual shape of it.

  20. it sound like a good product and I love rose scent too.a perfect product for me
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  21. Unique container :D
    never heard / seen this product before :D
    thanks for sharing^^

  22. I've heard great reviews about using Rosehip. So glad that you had a great experience with it. I definitely need to add this to my list of products to try.

  23. I've been meaning to try an oil cleanser! I love the color of the bottle!


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