Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Project #ALLthatmatters - Floral Garage Singapore X Animal Lovers League

Animal Lovers League, AKA ALL, is a registered charity and home to about 700 dogs and cats, and the animals under their care consist of vagrant strays, abandoned, traumatised, abused and rescued animals. In addition, ALL is a strictly no-kill animal shelter. 
As of late, ALL have been coping well with the supply of volunteers, but the constant problem is always money and space. As they no longer have space, they only take in sick or injured strays. Most of the time, the care of the existing animals in ALL are compromised when they encounter more dogs, as no other shelter would want to take more dogs in. And as they have been unable to rescue new strays due to the lack of kennels, the volunteers are very active in going around Singapore to feed strays that they cannot house. They also sterilise them to curb their rapid population growth. They go as far to Pulau Ubin to do this, and these intelligent dogs can recognise them really well. These efforts have helped keep the dogs under control. When they know where to expect food, they will not be a nuisance to the public by finding food at the 'right places' when they are hungry.
Most of the dogs under their care were taken in with complicated health issues. As a shelter surviving solely on donations and cheap boarding fees, they always find it hard to make ends meet. Their monthly rental is S$22,000, and they owe the veterinarian clinic, one located at Jln Gellengang that offers shelters in Singapore credit payment and a 30% medical fees discount, a total sum of S$35,000 till date. And with a debt so big, the clinic has begun to be stricter against ALL.

ALL aims to encourage the public to adopt instead of buying animals, and endeavour to rejoin the animals at ALL with loving and committed families. 
Dopey and Button are two of the many furkids up for adoption at ALL. If you still think that shelter rescued animals are less cute and lovable than those from the pet shops/breeders, you are wrong. Look at Dopey and Button, how are they any less worthy of love and care from a kind human as compared to those breed and raise as a product meant for cash? If you have been following my blog since the early days, you will know that I'm a proud bunny-mama to Jelly the bunny, a rescue bunny I've adopted from a bunny rescue shelter, with birth deformities (splayed hind legs). Still, that doesn't make Jelly any less adorable and lovable. (pictorial proofs here at @jellymollybun

Basically, from information we gathered from friends and acquaintance familiar to the pet shop industry, pet shops used to import many dogs from overseas. These dogs are treated as products, because it is indeed a product to be exchanged for cash. That being said, any product that is seen as a defect will be ultimately disposed. When the dog arrives in Singapore and the shop feels that the dog is not as cute as it is supposed to be, they either try their luck to put it up for sale or they immediately put it to sleep. Keeping the dog alive is an expense and it also takes up space. When the dog is 3 months old, it would fetch the highest price. They will slash the price once when its 6 months old, and another time when its 9 months old. Singaporeans will not pay more than S$1000 for a one year old dog, and therefore, the shop will put it to sleep. 
Some might angrily question, why not give it away instead? If the public knew of this 'giveaway' practice, everyone would just wait for it and not purchase anymore. So to minimise the killing, shops go to local breeders now, where they can view the puppy before purchase. In every litter of puppies, there will always be a rut. So it is safe to say that one puppy from every litter will be left to die from birth. It's also a common practice for breeders to pick award winning mother dogs and impregnate them with good looking males till she dies from exhaustion.

With that much being said, should anyone be a pet lover (or claims/thinks to be one), he or she would not need a S$5000 pure bred dog/cat to be happy. A very personal connection with any pet would suffice. 
ALL does not charge for adoption, but they will welcome any form of spontaneous donations. For more information on adoption of a furkid or even to sponsor a furry friend, do check out ALL's link HERE.

ALL's plight and love for the animals has also touched the hearts of the people over at Floral Garage SG, who have since started a project of their own to support ALL and send some love to those lovely furkids awaiting your adoption/sponsorship this Christmas season. 

From now until 25th December 2015, Floral Garage SG will donate 1/3 of of all their sales proceed of the following two bouquet/creation to ALL.

R02 - Spirited Away

C14 - Doggy

On a side note, Floral Garage SG is also having a separate project with Cotlands South Africa, to send some smiles over to the needy children of South Afria this Christmas season. To learn how you can be part of this project, just follow the link HERE.

Till then,
Mia Foo


  1. So true when you say, when someone is an animal lover, they don't need a $5000 breed. I feed the stray dogs in my locality and the love they shower on me is so so much!!!

  2. I am a surprised to find out that there are abandoned and stray dogs in SG ( don't remember seeing one though when I was there ) .. but bless the hearts of the people behind ALL. I hope that more organizations would support them and more people support the Adopt instead of Shop campaign.

  3. God bless the abandoned animals everywhere. Hope they all get their respective good adoptive families. Always sad to see a stray dog or cat who wage a daily battle of survival on the mean city streets.

  4. I think every cat and dog deserves to be loved and adopted even without buying them from a pet store. When you see one that's hurt in the street and might really need some help, as a pet-loving individual, the automatic response is to take care for it and give it shelter.

  5. I admire charities that cater to animals and make sure they get the life that they deserve. It's definitely a good advocacy, I hope more people will realize this and will be able to help them spread their message among animal lovers.

  6. ALL is really doing a lot to care for those pets. I hope that more people would adopt pets and contribute to the cause of ALL.

  7. I have some friends who are into animal protection non goverment org here in Manila. Even for those individuals who doeant have any pets at home should be aware of the animal rights and so on

  8. Such a great cause for our cute little furry friends to have a home and a family that would sincerely love them. By the way, those flowers are amazingly arranged. It looks really beautiful :)

  9. gosh. why would anyone leave adorable pets behind. it's a good thing there is such a group that helps these poor fellow.

  10. That is sooooo sad!!! Putting puppies to sleep because they somehow didn't make the cut? If I could, I would adopt all the puppies in the world! :(

  11. How I wish I can adopt one. :( But my allergies to fur and dust is not allowing me to do that...

  12. It's so good to know about groups encouraging others to think and act for the welfare of stray pets. Hope the adopt don't shop advocacy succeeds.


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