Monday, 21 December 2015

Mia's Review: Carboxy Body Shaper Pro [Sponsored]

A while back, I did a review on the product, DJ Carboxy Therapy Mask , that gave miraculous results on face slimming. This time, it's time to get on with the real deal. The Carboxy Body Shaper Pro, which essentially is the same thing, but targets fat burning & slimming for body!

The Carboxy Body Shaper works with your skin cells using CO2 to encourage fat burning while tightening and smoothing your skin for the perfect body line!
The CO2 penetrates the skin to deliver Patent Pending Carbon Dioxide to activate and promote the cellulite burning components while the wastes are brought out by the oxygen for a smoother, cleaner skin inside and out!

 The package comes with a 200g tube of carboxy gel, a syringe and 8 pieces of individually packed mask sheets. 

As 1 sheet of the mask paper is pretty big, they've very thoughtfully mark out the amount of gel to use for 1 full sheet of paper or half sheet of paper. 

And I decided to test the product out first on my flabby (lower) tummy!

That's a 93.7-ish cm before my first try of the product. 

Cutting the mask sheet into half and then cutting the half into half again, I used the big sheet for my tummy and the 2 smaller sheets for my love handles. 
Using the product was just exactly like how you use the one for face, smearing the gel thickly over the target area and then pressing the mask sheet over, massaging it until all the bubbling sensation stopped before leaving it on for another 30 to 50 minutes. For even better results, wrap the area with cling wrap. 
As compared to the face mask, I felt that the heating effect is very much less mild. I could hardly felt any heat at all. And with just a 5 minutes of massaging and another 45 minutes of sitting around and waiting for the product to do its job....

I've lost almost 2cm! And I didn't even use cling wrap to wrap up my tummy for the 45 minutes! 


After (1 usage)!

Definitely going to go crazy with the cling wrap for my next 7 uses and hopefully those pesky muffin top will go away! 

For more information on (and sales of) Carboxy Body Shaper, visit their exclusive distributor, Jofiel-Beauty
Please do note that Jofiel Beauty ( is the licensed distributor of the Carboxy products in Singapore. Do beware of unlicensed anonymous sellers of unauthentic carboxy products that might give you undesirable results. 

Till then,
Mia Foo


  1. Well, that sure is impressive. I didn't know we had products like this now. Your tummy does look a little smaller. Thanks for the detailed review of this!

  2. I could use something like this to firm up my tummy. I hope it works well for you.

  3. Wow this is totally new to me and couldn't believe of the result with you. I do not know if we have it here though, but this is actually woryh a try. I wanna trim my tummy badly.

  4. Nice. I would like to know how good it works seven weeks from today. Good for tummy area!

  5. Something similar was what Kim K also used. I have a waist slimming belt. But I mostly use it as a temporary solution when I wear tight outfits. Has never worked for me to reduce inches permanently!!!

  6. I liked the result of the product, I did a good job with photos and blog article, congratulations.


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