Saturday, 29 October 2016

PRIMERO's ErgoSilver Laptop Riser [Advertorial]

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Are bad sitting posture in front of your computer giving you pains?

Before we get to the main topic of this post, ask yourself. How many hours a day are you seated at your desk, using a computer? 
Well, personally I spend minimal 9 hours seated at my desk, using the computer, at work. And when I get home, I usually spend 2 to 3 hours watching some dramas or youtube videos on my laptop to unwind, or draft out my next blog post. 

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And frankly speaking, even with my chair lowered to the lowest height possible, it's still impossible to be seated at eye level to the computer and slouching at the computer desk gradually became a norm for me. 

Well, that's until PRIMERO sent over one of their flagship product, the PRIMERO ErgoSilver Laptop Riser, retailing at $34.90 at

Suitable for laptops up to 17 inches, this riser is extremely lightweight and portable, suitable for use anywhere.

The riser also comes with rubberized silica gel pads on the top and bottom surfaces to increase friction and prevent slipping and scratches on laptops. 

You might notice that this riser is quite similar to their other flagship product, the PRIMERO ErgoSilver Laptop Stand, and might be a little confused with which is better for you. If you do not have an external keyboard and mouse to use with your laptop, the stand will not be ideal for you as it completely lifts your laptop off the desk. 

And thanks to the riser, I can now admire Lee Joon Gi watch my current favourite Kdrama in a more comfortable position!

PRIMERO will also like to share a little tip with you on alleviating the pains of that pesky backache and how to help with your slouching problems.

It'll just take 5 minutes of your time daily with this Locust (yoga) pose! 
For more information, visit the infographic HERE

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  1. That's right. If the seating height is not ideal, the we cannot maintain proper posture. Hours pass by when we sit in front of computers, and so we are prone to injuries and long term deformation of our spinal bones. Product looks good and can also function as absorber of heat, so air flow plus lower temperature is important for the laptop to have prolonged hours of service.

  2. Ya such accessories are very important. I too spend about 8-10 hrs using my lappy and at the end of day a lot strained.

  3. thats a cool accessory...I think its important to invest in items like this to keep you body happy

  4. As someone who is always on my computer, this really is a great idea! I like it!



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