Wednesday, 19 April 2017

3 Spa Techniques that Will Attract More Customers

Being in business for yourself and having a day spa is sure to be lots of fun and provide you with a steady income. This will give you the opportunity to work with numerous clients and interact with people quite a bit. The good news is that you will be able to provide a service that is almost guaranteed to help make your clients happier. Many people simply can’t wait to go to the salon or spa because it’s a real treat. Offering the most and best services to your clients is the ideal way to get more business. By being aware of various techniques you can provide in your spa, this may be helpful in allowing you to get more business and increase your profit.

Technique #1: Offer body massages
Is there anything that can help you feel as relaxed as getting a full body massage? Unfortunately, the answer to this question is no in most cases.
By having the right salon equipment in place, you can provide this service for your clients and doing so is sure to have customers entering your doors. There are tremendous health benefits to getting a massage, and some of these are listed below:
1.  Sense of well-being – One of the worse things you can do for your health is walk around stressed out all the time. This is horrible for your body and getting a massage can help you relax and stay that way for some time.
2.  Better rest – The key to getting good sleep may depend on having a massage at various stages of life.
3.  Lower blood pressure – If you suffer from high blood pressure readings, you will want to be sure to get this critical number in the right range. Studies indicate this reading should be 120/80.

Technique #2: Give pedicures and manicures
The warmer time of the year indeed calls for feet that are seen much more often. You’ll want to do all you can to have nice and attractive toes during this wonderful time of the year.
The most efficient way to get feet that look amazing and help you want to show off your scandals and flip flops is by getting a pedicure. This is an enjoyable and relaxing experience that will have your toes in tip top shape while you simply sit back and enjoy yourself.
Of course, you will want to offer the opportunity for your clients to get a manicure. This is sure to be one thing that is requested to go along with the pedicure and allow your customers to look and feel great.

Technique #3: Spray tan
This is the day and age of taking care of your skin. However, you may want to add some color to your look, and one of the ideal ways to get a head to toe experience is by getting a spray tan.
The health benefits of doing this are much greater because you won’t be exposed to ultraviolet rays like you would be by sitting in the sun.  Of course, you will need to invest the money into getting the right equipment that will enable you to do this for your customers and clients.
However, this can be a lucrative opportunity for you and a real enjoyment for the individuals that visit your salon. Studies show that the average cost of a spray tan is $25-$50. If you were to only do ten of these a day, this would add up to a nice profit for your spa.
Taking care of others sure is to be one of the ideal ways to build self-confidence for your clients. Having time to relax and unwind is the perfect way to do so and spa days could be the best way to make this happen. This is sure to be one of the most efficient ways for you to help others and have the profitable business that you want and need for success. Be sure to add these techniques to your spa today to reap the numerous benefits that are offered to you and others.


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