Tuesday, 16 February 2021

Cute Mask Storage Cases from Sleek Scribbles [Sponsored]

Based in Singapore and as advocates of animal welfare, Sleek Scribbles celebrate the uniqueness of every animal by providing stylish and affordable lifestyle accessories, and aspires to share our South East Asian culture with the world through their cute and quirky designs. 

Currently carrying cutely designed pouches and mask storage cases, I've gotten myself one in blue (one of my lucky colours for CNY this year, HUAT AH!) and with mask-up rabbit prints. 

Some of you may wonder, what's the use of such mask storage cases, other than being able to carry something adorable with you to brighten up your day. I'm sure all of you will be carrying a spare mask (or two) with you all the time when you're out and about, especially if you're wearing those 3-ply disposable surgical masks. 
Why? Because the ear loops are so fragile! Nearly at every gathering, I'll see a friend/relative or two having their masks torn at the ear loops.
Yes, you can just chuck a piece of spare mask in a plastic/ziplock bag and then stuff it in your bag. 
But ladies, let's face it. Our bags... are like the Bermuda Triangle! 
Such a fragile piece of 3-ply disposable surgical mask will likely NOT survive half a day of tossing about with our 101 other items in our bags that's highly comparable to doraemon's 4d pocket. Chances are, you're replacing a torn mask with a crumpled/deformed (soon to be torn, too) mask. 
So with a hard storage case, you'll never fear pulling out a piece of crumpled mask from the depths of your bag, at any time of the day. 

Make sense? xp

In addition, the storage case comes with flaps at the side to kiap (hold) your mask in place. How nice!
But actually, the most important factor is still.... the cuteness! Haha, everything is all about IG-worthiness these days, no judgement here. 

Other than the cute rabbits, the storage cases also comes in cute dog and cat prints.

And there's even a corgi + kueh lapis one, too! Not sure of what's the link with corgis and kueh lapis, but it sure look super adorable!

These adorable mask storage cases are available on Sleek Scribbles at only $8.50.
For more information on other merchandises available on Sleek Scribbles, visit their website HERE.

Till then,

Mia Foo


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