Monday, 24 June 2013

Molly's Update: Apples VS Romaine Lettuce

Oh yeah, it's dinner time! My favourite Romaine Lettuce!

Hey, lettuce don't run! Mia, the lettuce is flying away! 

 Oh yeah, I got it! 

Finally, dinner time! Nom Nom Nom...

  And at this moment, Mia's papa walk over and placed a piece of apple in front of me.... A-P-P-L-E!

Now, who wants lettuces when there's apples?! 
Nom Nom Nom...

 On a side note...
*Listens as Mia whispers....

WHAT? They're not following me on Instagram? T.T

Follow me larrrr, please please please? 

With lotsa love & binkies,


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