Monday, 19 August 2013

Mia's Review: Seventh Heaven

Yup, this is a super super super belated post! SL and I visited Seventh Heaven located at Orchard Central for some sweet treats on the same day we visited Sarang for dinner. *sheepish grin* 
Nevertheless, here's the review. :)

 We got for ourselves one of the pancakes - The Orchard

and a mudpie - Mile High Mud Pie

And we were pretty unfortunate to have no serving sample view from other existing customers, for their servings are ginormous!

This is my mile high mud pie, and it's literally 'mile high'. Totally jaw-dropped at the serving. There is as good as 3 full gelato scoops of vanilla, chocolate and peanut butter hidden in the thick rock hard chocolate coating. And due to the ice cream, the chocolate pretty much remains frozen and I had a hard time breaking it up to get to the ice creams within. The chocolate coating was relatively thick, with a rich sweet and creamy chocolatey taste. Definitely not some 'cheapskate' chocolate.
Upon breaking the chocolate coating, I was greeted upon with the white creamy goodness of the French vanilla ice cream. The taste of the French vanilla ice cream has a much stronger vanilla fragrance and slightly sweeter as compared to other vanilla ice cream. I kind of like it, but it wasn't to SL's liking though.
After tasting the vanilla ice cream, we 'hack' off more pieces of the frozen chocolate coating to reveal the peanut butter ice cream beneath it. I'll say the peanut butter was a pleasant surprise. I'm not really a fan of peanut butter jam at all, but I kind of like this ice cream. It tasted like an ice cold, creamy version of the peanut butter cracker my mother used to buy in large family pack from the supermarket. However, it might be too much to finish up the entire amount of ice cream stacked in this mud pie. Well actually, this entire mud pie by itself is just too much.
Well, moving on, we're just left with the chocolate ice cream. And seriously speaking, need I say more? Who will hate chocolate ice cream?

And to be brutally honest, don't ever try to order one for yourself. Get someone to share it with you, TWO (ladies) to ONE dessert only. Or else, you'll end up with the same sorry mess on the table as SL and me.

And I apologise for the gross sight. :p

Next up, is The Orchard pancakes ordered by SL. It's quite a pretty looking dessert, if not for the sorry glob of half meltedwhipped cream that was sliding down the warm pancakes. We had a race against time to snap a decent picture of the dessert before the whipped cream completely slides off the pancake, bringing the poor cherry along with it. HA HA HA!
The pancakes are warm, thick and dense. Oh well, not that much to my liking for I'll prefer soft fluffy kinds like a Japanese hotcake. I remember there were 3 pieces of pancakes served, so ladies with smaller appetite might wanna drop by for their pancakes in threes. :)
Their 'heap of fresh fruits' were mainly apples (red and green), pears and a few pretty tasteless grapes. I personally didn't find the fruits exceptionally fresh, especially when the speedy oxidation problem of the apples pretty much gave me a biased judgement of un-freshness with the yellowish brown surface, which can already be seen in this picture taken when it was served.
The scary mess of brownish red wedged between the stack of pancakes and cut fruits is the fruit compote, which SL and I believed to be made mainly from berries. But of course, we could be wrong. So do let me know the correct answer to it in the comment board if you happen to know. And this is a perfect example of don't judge a book by its cover, for both SL and I liked it! It was sweet and slightly tangy, my favourite taste of all desserts. The texture is a mix between runny and gooey, with many bits of finely chopped/mashed up fruits to add on a barely there bite to it. It's good to be eaten in generous heap on top of the warm pancakes, or carefully savoured in bit by bit on the tip of the fork.
And fortunately for SL, who didn't like the French Vanilla Ice Cream, the pancake was served with a generous scoop of their chocolate ice cream instead of the French Vanilla as stated in the menu.
The staff must have overheard her saying that she didn't like the French Vanilla! *rofl*

And lastly, do I need to comment on their price? I'll say that it's actually very inexpensive, for 1 order actually serves minimum 2 pax. :)

And there's also this separate piece of menu with their organic herbal tea list. I didn't order any to try for it was already quite late and I just had my Yuzu tea at Sarang minutes ago. But looking at it right now, I'll definitely for the Soothing Throat. *cough cough*
And there's Seventh Heaven details here FYI. 

Till then,

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  1. the mile high mud pie looks interesting to me but somehow the portion might be too big either LOL


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