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Mia's Review: Orbis X'mas Edition Petit Shakes [Sponsored]

As touched on in my post on Orbis Focus Group previously, Orbis offer a wide range of very yummy, yogurt-smoothie like meal replacement drinks. And I'm very lucky to be given a chance to try out their Christmas Edition flavours! 
Orbis's Petit Shakes contains 10 kinds of vitamins, iron and water-soluble fibre to serve its purpose as a healthy diet option with the right nutritional requirements. 

As seen (and tagged), their X'mas edition Petit Shakes comes in the following 4 yummy flavours:
1. Mixed Berry
2. Caramel Pumpkin Pudding
3. Double Berry & White Chocolate
4. Cheese Mousse
For more information on their Petit Shake, click HERE

I was really excited to hear from Rain that the package has been dispatched. As you all know, I've started on this 3 month weight management programme recently and their meal replacement shake is really un-tasty to begin with and slowly gets increasingly difficult to stomach along the way (I ended up throwing away 1/3 of their shake eventually because I get nauseated by it). So now I can 'cheat' and alternate them with Orbis's Petit Shakes, which give me a generous range of 6 flavours to choose from. Now, with these added 4 x'mas edition flavours, we'll have 10 flavours to choose from! You'll never get sick of your meal replacement shakes like this! :)
And with that, let's get down to my review of these 4 special flavours. 

Needless to say, I picked Mixed Berry as my first flavour to try out. 
And Orbis is very generous to give a full size package (two sachets) for me to try out. My take is that this is the 'safest' flavour out of the 4. 
You really cannot go wrong with this flavour, unless you hate fruits and especially berries. (But why would you?) The taste is exactly like a mixed berries yogurt (think of Meiji yogurt!), just very much less sweet (due to no artificial sweetener added), which is nothing less than beneficial for a meal replacement shake. This has got to be my favourite flavour of the 4, very refreshing indeed!

On the 2nd night, I fished out this orange packet (Caramel Pumpkin Pudding) from the parcel. I only remembered it was *something* pumpkin and didn't bother to double check before I tried the taste of it. Actually, I need not even taste it to know it's caramel. The entire shake smells exactly like the whiff I get from opening a bag of my favourite snack, Tohato Caramel Corn. The caramel flavour is really strong and added a lot of taste to this flavour. As this is much more flavourful, it somehow also gave me a fuller effect as compared to Mixed Berry.

Next up, the 3rd flavour I've tried was Double Berry & White Chocolate. Forgot to snap a picture of it, so no close up front picture of the white package (but it's very similar to cheese mousse packaging)! :(
Taste wise, it's quite similar to Mixed Berry (even though this only has double berries instead of 4 types of berries in Mixed Berry), having a very distinctive mixed berries yogurt flavour. However, probably due to white chocolate, this flavour is creamier and tastes much sweeter. Due to the 'heavier' taste, it feels more filling too!

Lastly, I gathered my courage to try out Cheese Mousse. Frankly speaking, I'm really not much of a cheesy person and the flavour 'Cheese Mousse' is a great deterrence for me to try it out. The distinctive sourish smell of cheese was really strong and I could smell it once I snipped off the corner of the packet. 
I was really thinking, "Oh no!" as I was shaking my blender bottle I used to take meal replacement shakes. 
I popped open my bottle and took another whiff. Urgh, it really smells like Cheese Mousse. 
However, I was pleasantly surprised at my first taste. It tasted more like a mildly cheese flavoured yogurt, with the taste still going more towards the distinctive, pleasant sweet-soury taste of yogurt in general. And perhaps it was because my taste buds got used to it, the cheese taste was almost undetectable from the 4th sip onwards and the shake turned out to be pretty enjoyable, albeit still my least favourite of the 4. 

Orbis Petit Shake comes in 100ml sachets, and is to be mixed with 100ml of cold low-fat/skimmed milk until thickened. So yup, do up your maths and you'll know you have only 200ml of a yogurt-smoothie drink for dinner. It's really not much of a problem for me, as I've pretty much conditioned myself to eat very little for dinner after developing the habit of only eating 2 fist size of vegetables+1 palm size of protein with 1 serving of fruit for dinner daily. Moreover, I'm not afraid to 'cheat' on the program to nip a few bites of veggies even after having the shakes. 
So while I cannot confirm that these Petit Shake work wonders and slim you down in no time, I can assure you that as long as you are not a big eater by habit, you can easily follow this Petit Shake Diet to replace 1 of your meal a day. There's absolutely no worries of getting too sick of the taste to persevere, with a total of 10 yummy flavours for you to choose from and alternate throughout the week. :)

Orbis has officially opened their flagship store at Robinsons Orchard (The Heeren) on 8th November 2013 and is currently running 2 pop up stores at Ion Orchard B4 (from 9th to 13th Nov) and Chevron House (from 11th to 15th Nov). Do visit their pop up stores for free sampling of their Petit Shake flavours! 
For more information, visit their Facebook Page or check out their range of products HERE.

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  1. hope it will works for you...
    if not, at least it taste yummy yummy :)


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