Thursday, 28 November 2013

Mia's Review: LollyTalk [Invited]

Just yesterday, I walked into a piece of little heaven....
 Look at all these adorable handmade rock candies, stacked up in this colourful and fun shop. Yup, it's one of the newer 'faces' in our local handmade rock candies shops, Lolly Talk! By now, you all should know how much I adore sweet treats & sweets in general but I still got to say it. I really love these candies, from their intriguing miniature designs to their tangy-fruity flavours (from their own recipes). Plus, they have the candy for every occasion. 

 As a simply perk-me-up gift for your study-group buddies during the exam period....

As a small birthday gift, or as a small sweet treat to sweeten up the day of a friend who's ill. 

And for everybody else during the month of August! 
Well actually, I believe this Singapore-Love series (yes, I coined this myself I hope you don't mind LollyTalk) is also the best product they have to lay their feet down on the ground and claim: Hey, we're a 100% local brand, we're made in Singapore! 

 Yup, LollyTalk is actually started up by our homegrown candy-makers, trained under the Grand Champion Winner of 2009 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards, Ross and Judy, who were in turn, students of the original founder of the Australian-style rock candy. This placed LollyTalk at a very peculiar spot indeed. 100% Australian heritage, yet 100% Singapore brand. 

And guess what, LollyTalk has their very own Christmas candy mix, going for $2.90 up. Christmas gift shopping really need not burn a hole in our pocket, does it? 

 See that Santa Claus and Snowman in the poster! They're actually 2 separated candies stacked together, so yeah, you gotta go searching for either the head or the body in your bag/bottle of candy mix. And that's Rudolph beside Mr. Santa. How cute! 

 Samples of the Christmas candy mix with these cute Christmas stickers on the lid. 

And they also comes in resealable bag form too!

And now, LollyTalk is having a promotion on their christmas mix right now too! Grab a few of them and you can get to try out their Acquired Taste Collection (at random) for free! For more details on this promotion, visit their facebook page HERE.

Wondering what's this Acquired Taste Collection about?

Basically there's 7 special flavours: Apple Cranberry, Plum Guava, Chilli Lime, Honey Lemon, Menthol Grape, Spicy Mango, and Menthol Honey Lemon. 
Out of these 7 flavours, spicy mango and chilli lime sounds really interesting to me! 
Perhaps I shall do a separate post on taste review of this collection? :)

And now let's get on with more cute stuff, shall we?
And that's LollyTalk's mascot, Rocky, in the display window, standing on lots and lots of colourful lollipops. And yes, that's Santa Singa standing right in front of Rocky. Yeah, we all thought Singa has retired, but apparently not. 

In collaboration with Singapore Kindness Movement, Santa Singa is making a special appearance at LollyTalk Plaza Singapura B2-20 as the Lolly Crew at LollyTalk believe strongly in the spirit of showing kindness and love. So what better way to have Santa Singa at LollyTalk’s Candy Island this Christmas season to spread the message of kindness, caring and sharing together with Rocky!!

Have your photo taken with SINGA and ROCKY, hashtag #LollyTalk and #Nationofkindness in your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and you could be a lucky winner to walk away with prizes (contest details to be announced later, watch out for updates over at Lolly Talk's facebook page.)
-credits to Lolly Talk-

And just sharing more cute pictures taken...
 And can you guess what's in the making?

Still, no?

Omg, it's their limited edition mix.... BANANAAAA... I mean, MINIONS!

And of course, without a second thought I grabbed a packet off the shelf and headed for the cashier. And mind you, they're LIMITED edition mix. So all you minion-lovers out there, what are you waiting for?

Bunnies! And 3 levels of Super Sour Lemon!
You two, be good. I'll be back for you real soon. :)

LollyTalk is located at Plaza Singapore, B2-20.
For more information, visit their facebook page HERE and website (and online shop) HERE

Till then,


  1. Go visit their Facebook. Got pre order for minions wearing Christmas hats!


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