Thursday, 14 November 2013

Mia's Review: Food for Thought @ National Museum of Singapore

I remembered my first visit to Food For Thought was at their branch at 8 Queen Street and their Earl Grey Vanilla Milkshake was so good, simply addictive! Has been craving for it ever since and so when I arranged to meet up with A, K and their baby R, I decided to bring them to FFT @ 8Q to satisfy my own Earl Grey Milkshake craving. But my evil plot promptly fell through as we arranged for a dinner meet up and I didn't bother to double check on FFT's opening hours. Turn out all their 3 branches has different opening hours, with the branch at 8Q closing at 7pm. And on top of that, all branches have different menu. Meaning, no Earl Grey Milkshake. HOW, LIKE THAT? T.T
But nevertheless, a 'promise' is a promise. We decided to shift the location over to National Museum of Singapore. 
The restaurant was located inside the museum, (you gotta walk straight in and cut across one of the exhibition area at level 1) away from the rest of the restaurants located near their entrance plaza. The entire set up was very simple, big and spacious, with two sitting areas located inside and outside the restaurant.
Sorry, no self-taken pictures because the place was really empty at that point of time and I felt uncomfortable about snapping away with the servers staring right at me.
The 'outside' seating area. 
-credits to foodforthought-

Because of baby R, AK were really late! Like, more than an hour late. So I decided to order my (substitute to Earl Grey Vanilla) milkshake first and chillax.

Milo Godzilla - $8.50

And yes, at the price of $8.50, this milkshake seems rather overpriced. And in my memory, the Earl Grey Milkshake at 8Q was of gigantic serving at a lower price. So first impression, I was pretty disappointed. 
The taste of it, however, did not disappoint. The brilliant combination of vanilla ice-cream with milo gave an exceptionally creamy and rich, smooth chocolatey taste to the milkshake. Together with the generous topping of milo powder, made it truly worth its title of Milo Godzilla. As in, one notch up from Milo Dinosaur. :p
But worth the $8.50? Oh well.... 

And for our mains of the day.... 
My Crispy Curry Chicken with Kaffir Lime-Chilli Buttered Fries - $20

And yes, this is definitely worth your $20. The chicken was huge, and thick! It was fried till extremely crispy, yet still tender, with the right amount of curry-spiciness that's not overpowering. The fries, though given a very 'whoa' name, tasted very simple in comparison. It's really just sour-spicy, with absolutely no hint of the buttery fragrance I was hoping to taste. It's still a plate of very tasty fries, yes. You can even call it addictive if you're a potato-fan like me.
But... what's up with that name?
And back to the gigantic serving, if you're a relatively small-eater. I really do recommend that you share this main course. I really struggled to finish the chicken and hardly ate the fries at all. Most of them were stuffed to K, whose fries got eaten up by A. *rofl*
You'll see why.....

A's Chai Spice Brulee Salmon - $24.
In comparison to our chicken, the serving will be disappointing if you're expecting an equally huge portion. It's really just half the size of our chicken. But hey, this is salmon we're talking about.

Chocolate Fudge Cake (Cake on Display) - Price forgotten. (<$10)
Just as the usual FTT's standard of food portion, this cake was huge. It is almost comparable to a tower cake. That layer of thick, thick fudge glazed over the top was very chocolatey, rich and creamy. Truly decadent! The cake has more of a brownie texture to it, very dense and moist, which once again makes this a MUST SHARE cake. I really cannot think of anyone who can finish the entire slice alone.
What's more, sharing is caring, you know? :)

And, if you're confused by their cakage fee of $10, it's simply a one-off sum you have to pay if you bring your own (birthday) cake to eat at FTT after your mains.

For more information on Food For Thought's branch locations, different operating hours and menus, visit HERE.

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