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Mia's Review: Nature Republic Super Origin CC Cream

I've actually started out on this CC cream at almost the same time as my Maybelline Watergel BB cream back then, but I was so into the watergel bb that I've totally neglected this product! So after using up my entire tube of the watergel bb cream, I've finally started using this cc cream on a daily basis for more than a week now and I guess it's now a much better time for me to do a proper review on it! 
If anyone is interested, you can click HERE to go to my Maybelline Watergel BB cream review. :)

If you're still unfamiliar with the term CC cream (which I don't think you should since I've heard they've already moved on to DD or EE creams? Yikes!), it stands for Colour Control or Colour Change... etc. It's created in Korea (as opposed to BB cream which originated in Germany) and as the name goes, it actually serves more to even out skin tone than to cover and conceal blemishes. Oh well, we will get to that later on. 

Nature Republic has 3 types of CC Cream in this Super Origin collection, namely: Brightening (SPF25, PA++), Colour Change (SPF30, PA++), and Tinted (SPF30, PA++). After doing some research on my own, it seems like Brightening serves more as a primer than an actual CC cream, so I was left with 2 out of the 3 choices. Out of novelty (of seeing the white cream changing into tinted colour due to bursting of the colour capsules) sake, I've decided to try out Colour Change. 

I've forgotten how much it retails in SG stores, but you definitely can get them much cheaper at qoo10 or gmarket. 

It comes in a pump head tube as shown, which IMO, feels more hygienic as compared to a squeeze tube. However, makes it a little more tricky to control the amount of product you get from each pump as compared to a squeeze tube. I usually use 3/4 pump for my entire face.

Here's a hand test to see how it blends out. As you can see the cream is white in colour and relatively creamy and thick, which gradually turns orange-beige upon rubbing (and bursting the colour capsules within) and then gradually evens out with your skin tone and blends into the skin. I didn't complete the blending hence the obvious streaks of orange-beige on the back of my hand where the product was dispensed. 

I'll say the product is relatively thick and isn't as spreadable if compared to the previous product I've reviewed, the watergel bb cream. And due to the nature of this product, rubbing is required to burst the colour capsules to get the white cream to change its colour to suit our skin tone, so patting the product to minimise tugging on our skin will not work. Some suggested of rubbing it out on the back of our hand to change its colour first before patting in on our face. But sorry to say, nope that won't work as well. By the time the product changes colour, it is already on the brink of setting and it's impossible to even it out on our face by mere patting. Plus, imagine the high wastage of product by rubbing most of the product (and setting it) onto the back of our hand instead of the intended area, our face. Nevertheless, just keep reminding yourself to go light with the blending (no furious rubbing no matter how rushed you are in the morning, babes) hand and you shall be fine. :) You don't really need the force of Xena the Warrior Princess to blend it into your skin, really.

And here's the back of my same hand, with the product fully blended in. The white cream changes colour to fit my skin tone perfectly, and pretty quickly too. No worries of it leaving any unsightly white cast on your face every rushing mornings. 

I hate to say this, but the eyeliner test was pretty much a flop because I couldn't get the cream to change colour just by patting. So by the time I managed to pat-rub it to change into my skin tone, most of the eyeliner has been rubbed off hence it appears as if it has been concealed. 
In terms of coverage, this cc cream doesn't do much. As it's so with most cc creams (i assume), it only serves to even out the skin tone and make your skin looks (overall) flawless, if you know what I'm saying. It doesn't help to conceal any specific spots or flaws, at all. 

On to the blotter test, and comparing with both the previous control of Skinfood Aloe Sun BB and the reviewed Maybeline Watergel BB, we can see that Nature Republic's CC cream has performed on par with the watergel bb cream, with a significant amount of oil surfacing in 30 minutes. Unlike SF bb, which the surface has dried up, the cc cream remains relatively moist, almost like how it was when it just got dispensed from the pump head. 

Overall, I feel that the Nature Republic CC Cream gives a finish that is in between matte and dewy. It definitely is not as matted as the watergel bb, but is not too dewy for me either. It gives off a really nice, flawless and natural look to the skin. Coverage wise, is pretty much a 'flop' for it isn't really meant to conceal. It gives almost no coverage to spots and blemishes, so a concealer is a must. I find that my skin does oil up pretty fast when on this cc cream (as compared to watergel bb) so the oil control is pretty mediocre as well, although it didn't break me out at all. But I'll prefer to attribute it to the product being really light and mild. 
I find it especially frustrating to have the product reverting back to white (somehow) and leaves an unsightly patch of oily white film on my glasses and at two spots on the sides of my nose where by glasses were sitting on. Pretty embarrassing to have anyone seeing it whenever I remove my glasses to clean the lenses.
Nevertheless, I still find this a pretty decent product and is worth trying for ladies with relatively blemish-free skin and is facing uneven skin tone issues. 

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  2. This looks to be the next cc cream that I ought to try. right after I finish the tube of Celeteque Photoready foundation that I have on the stash. I think it will also work as an awesome primer if one wants to have a 'glowing' skin look underneath the foundation. Don't you think? :D


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